Practice of Sacred Reading or Lectio Divina | SS5104 EPSF Assignment

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SS5104 EPSF - Assessment 3: Comparative reading-response paperAssignment description:The purpose of this assignment is to create a space in which to develop the practice ofsacred reading orlectio divina. This process draws you into contemplative dialogue with twoexperienced spiritual guides (authors) and also into the inner dialogue that occurs as youprocess the personal meaning of the conversation.Following the reading of the two texts you are invited to reflect on the process and analyseits impact and influence in a 2,000-word paper.The following questions are offered as a guide, please adapt these or frame your own as itseems best to you:Suggested questions for reflecting on each text as an individual voice:What parts of this reading have evoked a sense of one or more of the following:Gratitude, Hope, Comfort, Clarity, Reassurance, Insight, Peace, Patience,Forgiveness, Moral Courage, Humility, Compassion, Faith, Trust, and Rest?What has been the primary wisdom message/s of this text to you in the context ofyour current situation and circumstances?In what ways have the messages of this text confronted you?What action, lifestyle adjustment, outlook and/or way of being have resulted fromyour experience of the reading?Has the text left you with any sense of tension and/or unresolved questioning and ifso, how are your managing that?Suggested questions for reflecting on the meaning of the dialogue between the texts:In what ways have the two texts complimented and/or reinforced a wisdom messagefor you?Do there seem to be any tensions between the messages and outlooks of the twotexts and if so what is your experience of that? (E.g. does this tension represent foryou an example of the breadth and diversity of the spiritual life and/or does it leaveyou wondering what to do about contradictory views? Has a particular insightoccurred as you have considered the possible tensions between the outlook of theauthors?)Page1of4
Suggested questions for considering the applied meaning of the process:What have you learned from the process of reading contemplatively and engaging ina form of spiritual conversation with the two authors as potential soul-friends ormentors?Is there something particular you want to do, small or large, as a response to thisprocess and what will that look like in action?Referencing procedures:You are required to read the two books only and to consider both their individual andshared meaning for your spiritual life. You do not need to add extra references either insupport and/or contradiction to the two chosen texts.You should include both titles in your reference list and make appropriate in-text referencesto specific sections or themes, following the conventions of the APA style guide.Assignment structure and content guide:Please use this the following bold headings as theoutline for your paper. The content guidein italicsis designed to assist the shape of yourresponses:Introduction:(approx 200 words)Explain why you chose these two books, name the essence of what you found ineach, their relationship to each other and meaning for your spiritual journey. Writeyour introduction last.Reflection on 'book 1' (use the actual title in place of 'book 1')(600 words)Explain what you found helpful, illuminating, provocative, confronting, assuring and/or ... Be careful to be specific about the particular ideas/images/content/themes ofthe book so that your assessor can see that you are familiar with the content. If yourdiscussion here only talks about how you have been impacted by the reading and notabout the nature of the material that has had the impact there is no clear evidenceor insight into the material. See the examples below:Example of whatnotto do:I found the insights from this book to be reallyhelpful and interesting. It made me feel more open to the spiritualpossibilities of everyday life. I'm more likely now to stop and pause in mywork and consider the meaning of what I do. The book helped me to see thatspirituality is not just what happens in church but what happens in me, inrelationship to all kinds of things. I loved how the author showed thateverything can become spiritual.Page2of4
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