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SSK5117: Advanced Data Structures.

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SSK5117: Advanced Data StructuresSemester I 2016/2017SSK5117 (1) SEMESTER I 2016/2017ASSIGNMENT 2Credit:As part of the 45% of total course markDeadline:11 Nov 2016 11:59PMIntroduction:The objective of this assignment is to compare the performance ofdifferent data structures and algorithm. This is an individual assignment. You are encouraged to use relevantreferences and resources to complete the task. HOWEVER, you shouldcite the references or resources.Submission:All submissions will be through the PutraBlast portal.No submission will be accepted after the deadline.Marking Criteria:To be providedTasks Description:In order to evaluate different ADTs, an evaluation with large data mustbe conducted. Each ADT should be implemented by using aprogramming language of your choice. Then, choose a dataset consistsof 1,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000 data for evaluation,either from the given dataset. Observation includes the creating/building and destroying ADTs for the perform insertion, deletion and search kth perform traversal of all data in the list.Eventually, you need to conduct simple experiments to compare theperformance of the different ADTs based on the different operationsdescribed above. ADTs to be evaluated are:1.BST2.AVL3.HashingSubmission Details:The submission should include:1.Brief introduction of the task2.Methodologya.Describe the algorithms of list of operations on theADTs for this experiment. You must clearly state thesteps taken. You can also include the codes asattachment. Also the step to measure the time taken.3.List of the results (Example)

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