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Stage Two:. There will be two clients, one middleware,

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Stage Two:There will be two clients, one middleware, and two servers.Each server will hold the number to be guessed and any other relevant data – show via labels or text boxes.Once the two clients have registered to play, the game may commence – the clients will be expectedto play in turn. In order to differentiate between a registration and a guess some sort of protocol willneed to be devised - will be shown how to split a string in lecture notes.Don’t forget that each transaction will expect a response back to the client.The middleware will be responsible for maintaining consistency of data between the servers – the servers will be permitted to talk to each other directly- but only if they are both on-line.We will not actually turn a server off and make it off-line – we will assume that they will not fail – just be busy (not available) sometimes i.e. can still send and receive messages, but that is all if off-line –no game processing or interaction.Complexity:On each server will be a button on/off line. When the button is pressed it will toggle between available and not available.A transaction should be performed if at least one of the servers is active and up to date.This type of system will offer the possibility of having inconsistent data and needs to be resolved.Grading criteriaTo accomplish stage two i.e. 2 multi-clients, middleware, 2 servers operational 45%-55%To get the basic operations of guessing game working 55-60%To include some form of turning servers on/offline and maintaining game 60-65%To consider and maintain synchronisation and the game continuation 65%>

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