Starbucks Alignment of HR Goals with Strategic Goals Report

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Running head: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 1Starbucks Alignment of HR Goals with Strategic GoalsNameInstitutional Affiliation
HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT2In measuring the alignment of Starbucks Human Resource goals, with organization strategy, it isimportant to examine the company’s HR goals in order to ascertain the extent to which theycover the scope of the company’s strategic goals, vision and mission. With its multinationalpresence, Starbucks HR function involves recruitment and selection, safety and health of theworkers, training and development, as well as labor relationships(Jack J. Phillips, 2016).Additionally, Starbucks is focused on outsourcing of its functions in overseas in line with thecompany’s strategic expansion plan. The Human resource department has been very effective inaligning the HR goals with organizational strategy as reflected on the recently reportedcompany’s lowest turnover rate. The company’s HR strategy of retaining employees has placedthe HR department on a high pedestal in terms of decision making as reflected on the highquality performance of the company.Starbucks values the HR department because according to its owner Howard Schultz, the humanresource department is the most important asset of the organization(Director, Cascio, &Boudreau, 2013). In that regard, the human resource department has over time been managed ina manner that reflects the organizational goals in order to have a competitive advantage over itscompetitors. To enhance a positive outcome, the company has put emphasis of recruitment inorder to generate a pool of qualified, ethical and persons with integrity in delivering the servicesto the lovers of coffee and other beverages that Starbucks provides on retail. For instance,Starbucks has set up a certain criteria of selection such that the persons selected as employeesmust fit the legal requirements and management goals. Moreover, it is a requirement that theselected individuals must be successful on their job in order to drive the company’s sharedobjectives and goals to the next level(Niven & Lamorte, 2016). Such people must be committed
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