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STAT2000 - Quantitative Analysis

Added on - 05 Nov 2021

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A random sample of 400 individuals working in US has been provided and the objective is to
conduct a statistical analysis by selecting a unique set of 50 observations based on the
underlying student ID. There are three tasks that need to be performed which require the use
of both descriptive and inferential statistical techniques. The output obtained along with
interpretation of the same would be provided in this report.
Task 1
The sample of 50 observations has been obtained and listed in Appendix 1.
a) For the variable sex, the relevant column chart and pie chart are indicated below.
It is apparent from the above graphs and charts that the selected sample of 50 individuals
selected comprises of 21 males and 29 females and hence representation of females is higher
than males which may not be true in the actual population.
Task 2
a) The frequency distribution of the occupational category is indicated below.
The relevant descriptive statistics for the occupational category using Excel have been
obtained as shown below.
b) The requisite probability distribution of occupational category using the relative frequency
approach is captured below.
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