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Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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Computer Science1Statement of Interest for MSc. Computer Science13 May 2018
Computer Science2Specific Area of Academic Interest and Motivation to choose this AreaThe specific area of my academic interest is Computer Science. In this era of IT technology,study about the computer science is mandatory to obtain the fundamental knowledge about newand innovative technologies that can help an individual to manage its business related and othermundane tasks. I have already completed my graduation in computer engineering and now Iwant to pursue further for masters in computer science. A degree of post-graduation in ComputerScience will help me to obtain advanced information regarding this field of education, itsapplication areas and its usage for business and other purposes. This whole information is usefulfor me to continue my job as a database manager.How past education, professional and other experiences are helpful to be successful ingraduation?My past education is in computer engineering. It is a field that consolidate many fields of theelectrical engineering and computer science for the development of computer hardware andsoftware. There are some key technical areas that are covered by the computer engineering andthose areas are machine intellect, computer software, networking, cyber-security and fixedsystems. Computer science program not only dispenses knowledge regarding these fields ofcomputer engineering but also provides deep information about more advanced technologiessuch as artificial intelligence (AI), 4G techniques, wireless technologies etc. From my previousprofessional program, I am cleared with the basic information about the software program but toget more appropriate knowledge I need to do computer science. Therefore, with some basicinformation it will be easier for me to understand advanced concepts of computer science. It isbasically a study of computers and computational systems. Moreover, it also includes
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