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STATEMENT OF WORK WILD WOOD APARTMENTS1.0INTRODUCTIONA Statement of Work (SOW) is used to describe the requirement of Wild Wood Apartments forwork to be performed by qualified Wild Wood Apartments managers. The SOW is toaccompany the Services Request Form. The requirement must be explicit and detail specifictasks and responsibilities of the requester so that questions of interpretation can be avoided.2.0KEY ELEMENTS OF A SOW:a. Title:The purpose of this requirement is to bring all current/future locations together on asingle database. This will allow all locations to be connected for the sole purpose of combineddata and up to date information concerning each location. The database will allow 24/7visibility and allow the managers of each location to see inputs and trends of the combinedlocations.b.Background:The structuring of a single database allows every location to be on the samepage with data inputs and reports needed for corporate to have an understanding of allnecessary areas. It will assist in constructing trend analysis and see where costs can beadjusted to assist in profits rather than losses.c. Scope:All managers of each location will be in charge of inputting a quarterly reportconsisting of the following information: occupancy rates, total rent revenue, total expensesin maintenance and repairs, and so on. The report is going to be pulled from headquarters inSan Francisco.d.Applicable Documents/Technical Specifications:Currently all managers are required to fillout paper forms and mail it in. These documents will be kept as for archive purposes andeach manager can now start to input these documents into a spreadsheet for input into thenew database. Each paper filled document will be archived for one year for audit purposes.Also, paper documents will be utilized for instances where database is unavailable due todatabase maintenance.e. Tasks:Asexplained in the scope, managers will collect and input occupancy rates, totalrent revenue, total expenses in maintenance and repairs, and so on.f.Location of Work: All work will be performed at each manager’s assigned location:The services will be performed at the manager’s own place of business or offices. In additionheadquarters will provide adequate workspace and office equipment to ensure theuninterrupted flow of necessary/required services.1
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