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Statistical Modelling Assignment

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Statistical Modelling Assignment 2016/17Arts, Computing, Engineering and SciencesStatistical Modelling2016-17 academic year1
Statistical Modelling Assignment 2016/17Instructions1.Attempt allFOURquestions.2.Question 1 carries 40 marks, Question 2 carries 15 marks, Question 3 carries 90 marks andQuestion 4 carries 40 marks. There are 15 marks for presentation. A breakdown of marks isgiven for each question.3.Your assignment should be submittedthrough Blackboard4.You should include in your answers any figures or tables relating directly to the issues underdiscussion. These should be copied and pasted into your answers at the appropriate point.Any further figures or tables, and all relevant SAS or other program code, should bepresented in an appendix at the end of the particular question it relates to, which in turnshould be clearly referenced in your answers.5.Considerable credit will be given for clear explanation, for practical and meaningfulinterpretation of your statistical analyses, and for balanced, critical comment.6.The final mark for this assignment will be expressed as a percentage of the total availablemark of 200. It contributes 100% of the total mark for this Module.Learning OutcomesThis assignment assesses the following learning outcomes:Apply and justify a range of statistical techniques, including regression modelling, hypothesistesting to the extraction of business information from data.Critically evaluate the validity of the techniques and models employed with respect to therelevant data and also to their intended use.Interpret the intelligence provided in a practical business setting.Effectively communicate the relevant methodology and its results to a decision maker.2
Statistical Modelling Assignment 2016/17Question 1A manufacturing firm currently receives supplies of raw materials from Supplier A. They haverecently been approached by Supplier B, who has offered a more timely service. In order toinvestigate this claim, the firm has agreed to accept deliveries from Supplier B for a trial period inaddition to those provided by Supplier A. The two suppliers have similar costs, so the firm willcontinue to use Supplier A unless they have significant evidence that the mean delivery time forSupplier B is lower.The SAS data setDelivery.sas7bdatcontains data relating to a representative sample of80deliveries,50by supplier A and30by Supplier B. It contains the following variables:SupSupplier (A or B)TimeDelivery time in days(i)Obtain the sample mean and standard deviation of the delivery time for each supplier, andbriefly interpret your findings.(3 marks)(ii)It is planned to conduct a statistical test to compare the mean delivery times of the twosuppliers. What distributional assumptions regarding the populations underlying the data mustbe made in order for a parametric statistical test to be valid? Investigate the tenability of theseassumptions via appropriate data plots.(9 marks)(iii)Formulate and conduct a suitable parametric test. If appropriate, give an associated estimateand95%confidence interval. Carefully interpret all your findings. What advice would you givethe firm regarding its choice of supplier?(17 marks)(iv)Formulate and conduct the equivalent non-parametric test to that employed in (iii). Criticallycompare the outcomes of the two tests.(11 marks)[Total for Q1: 40 marks]3
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