Statistics Assignment The Sampling Distribution

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Sampling DistributionThe Sampling Distribution includes the ("Psych. Statistics: Central Tendency And Variability") ,Frequency DistributionNormal distributionUniform DistributionFrequency DistributionTo do frequency distribution by use below steps.Click Mega stat and choose Frequency distributionAfter, choose input range as sample meanThen click the OK button.It provide the frequency distribution for sample mean.For Sample Mean,Frequency Distribution - QuantitativeSampleMeancumulativeloweruppermidpointwidthfrequencypercentfrequencypercent1.000<1.2001.1000.20012.612.61.200<1.4001.3000.200717.9820.51.400<1.6001.5000.200717.91538.51.600<1.8001.7000.200512.82051.31.800<2.0001.9000.2001025.63076.92.000<2.2002.1000.200410.33487.22.200<2.4002.3000.20037.73794.92.400<2.6002.5000.20012.63897.42.600<2.8002.7000.20012.639100.039100.02
1.0001.2001.4001.6001.8002.0002.2002.4002.6002.800051015202530HistogramUnnamed Series 1Sample MeanPercentPart - 1Measures of Central TendencyTo measures the central tendency to determine the below aspects.Mean (including weighted & trimmed)MedianModeTo determine the mean, median and mode by using the below steps.Open Mega stat.Choose the descriptive statistics.Select the input range as sample mean.After click the mean, median and mode in descriptive statistics window.It is shown in below.Sample Meancount39mean1.777891st quartile1.50200median1.785003rd quartile1.95996interquartile range0.457963
mode1.95996low extremes0low outliers0high outliers1high extremes0123450.000000.500001.000001.500002.000002.50000Unnamed Series 1The measures of central tendency includes the median and mode. The median is thevalues that occupies the middle position and it referred to as measure of locations. The mediandivided the frequency distribution exactly into two halves. The mode is defined as the value thatoccurs most frequently in the data. It only measures the central tendency that can be used for datameasure in nominal scale. The mean and median was easy to compute and comprehend the data.It can be determined for ordinal scale, interval and ratio.Measures of VariabilityTo measures the variability by determine the below aspects.Range (including IQR & SIQR)Mean Deviation ("BA201 Sampling Distributions: Excel And Equations")VarianceStandard DeviationConfidence Interval for meanTo determine the above aspects by using the below steps,4
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