STAT 6003 - Statistics for Financial Decisions

Added on - 03 May 2020

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Running head: STATISTICS FOR FINANCIAL DECISIONSStatistics for Financial DecisionsSchmeckt Gut Energy Bars Sold (Sales) and Prices for 2015NameCourse NumberDateFaculty Name
STATISTICS FOR FINANCIAL DECISIONS2Schmeckt Gut Energy Bars Sold (Sales) and Prices for 2015a)The expected sales and revenue for the three countriesTable1: Expected sales and RevenueNokaraguaMacronesiaIndustriaStatisticSalesPriceSalesPriceSalesPriceMean2185.1672.5802506.7292.8373263.0183.127Standard Error61.0030.02173.6010.02390.1160.025Median1791.0002.5291971.1002.7602677.5003.047Table 1 above shows that the expected sales in Nokaragua are 2,185.167 energy bars and a revenue of $2.58. Theaverage sales for a number of energy bars in Macronesia state are 2506.729 and returns of $2.837. Industria has thehighest expected values of sales and revenues, 3263.018 and $3.127 respectively.b)Probabilities that Schmeckt Gut:i)Sales at least the expected number of energy barsTable2: Probability of selling at least the expected number of barsSalesNokaraguax=139n=365Probability=0.3808Macronesiax=137n=365Probability=0.3753Industriax=142n=365Probability=0.389ii)Reaches at least the expected revenue
STATISTICS FOR FINANCIAL DECISIONS3Table3: Probability of meeting the expected revenue(Wang, 2011)PriceNokaraguax=168n=365Probability=0.4603Macronesiax=161n=365Probability=0.4411Industriax=154n=365Probability=0.421917808c)Average number of bars sold and revenues achieved for each day of the week(i)&(iii)Weekly probability distributions and expected sales & Revenues(Miller, 2014)Table4: Nokaragua probability distribution and expected sales & revenueNokaraguaSalesPriceDay of theweekCountAverageSalesStandardDeviationSales95%ConfidenceIntervalAveragePriceStandardDeviationPrice95%ConfidenceIntervalSunday521586.923368.128102.4882.7430.2610.073Monday522434.635698.329194.4162.4410.2890.080Tuesday521167.538218.27960.7692.8580.2950.082Wednesday521663.750405.432112.8732.3050.2690.075Thursday531151.415203.25356.0243.1160.3290.091Friday523939.442756.629210.6472.3630.2100.058Saturday523372.346893.176248.6622.2270.1480.041Grand Total3652185.1671165.455119.9622.5800.4050.042Table5: Macronesia probability distributions and expected sales & revenues(Wang, 2011)Macronesia
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