Designing an Entity Relationship Diagram for Emerging Electric


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Step 1: Entity Relationship DiagramAn ERD is a graphical demonstration of entity-relationship model. It’s a logical representation of business data for a business area is the E-R model or entity-relationship.When it comes to the business environment, the ER model is expressed in terms of relationships and entities. The properties of entities and relationships are expressed in the ER model. Step 2:E-R diagram for Emerging Electric The entity CUSTOMER has the attributes Name, Customer ID, Customer address and customer phone.Customer Address is a composite attribute. It’s a combination of a few simple attributes such as State, Street, City and Zip codeThe entity LOCATION has the attributes Location Address, Location ID, and Location typeLocation Address is a composite attribute. It consists of simple attributes such as City, Street, Zip code and State. The entity RATE has the attributes Rate Per KWH and Rate Class.Step 3: Representation of E-R Diagram- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Is Charged- - - - - - LOCATIONLocation ID:Location TypeLocationAddress(Street, City,State, ZipCodeCUSTOMERCustomer ID:Customer NameCustomer Address(Street, City, State, Zipcode)Customer Phone Located InRATERate ClassRate PerKWHTime of Day
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