Evaluating Customer Service Efficiency


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Step 2According to me, Jose is thinking that the organization is not efficient in providing customerservices and not able to maintain loyalty with its customers. With these thoughts, he never usesthe services of ABAirways flight and creates a bad image in his mind about the working of theorganization. He is using ABAirways again and again because of the like the way which theyadopted to serve its customers. But customer problems should also be resolved by theorganization. Due to this, Jose never like to travel with ABAirways. Jose was hoping that he is aregular customer of the organization then it should solve his problem. The organization shouldcompensate me for losses occurred due to damage of baggage. But in reality, the organization donothing and not pay the compensation for it. This will influence the image of the organization inthe eyes of Jose.Step 3The representative will think that he is their regular customer if they will not solve his problem itinfluences the image of the organization in his eyes. This can reduce the profitability of theorganization in a significant manner. The representative should say to Jose that they are there tohelp him and they will try their best to fulfill his losses. It might be a conflict because it can bepossible that ABAirways policy defines that losses should not be paid in case of any baggagedamaged. But on the basis of ethics, the organization is liable to pay loss. If the representativebelieves that policy is flawed, then he can adjust it as per its customer and top executive’srequirements. It can be said that the organization should pay loss to Jose because it maintains itsimage. Due to this the organization has various growth opportunities in future.
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