Paper on Use of the Non Prescribed Drugs by College Students

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Running head: STIMULANT USE OF THE COLLEGE STUDENTSSTIMULANT USE OF THE COLLEGE STUDENTSStudent Name:Unit: HLSC122 Semester 2, 2017Assessment 3: Critical Evaluation of EvidenceWord count:1500
1STIMULANT USE OF THE COLLEGE STUDENTSIntroductionADHD is a brain disorder that requires that makes the students to concentrate on studiesand makes behavior impulsive. Use of prescribe stimulants helps to reduce the symptoms. Somepeople, especially the college students have started using this drug for non medical purposessuch as for improving academic excellence in studies. Many of them are of the conception thatuse of these drugs helps them focus and stay awake. These study drugs can be dangerous and theconsumer of the drugs may be subjected to legal punishment. Use of these drugs may lead tomany adverse health conditions in patients such as hypersensitivity in patients and other lethalsituation. The wide spread use of these study drugs among the college students have becomealarming. Hence, it is necessary to conduct extensive researches regarding the affectivity of thesedrugs in enhancing the academic performances.This paper focuses on the use of the non prescribed drugs by the college students. Insupport of the given PICO question, six articles have been critically analyzed. It was alsomentioned how the analysis addresses the PICO question, and provided insight regarding thealarming use of psychotic drugs among the college students.PART AHildt, E., Lieb, K., & Franke, A. G. (2014). Life context of pharmacological academicperformance enhancement among university students - a qualitative approach.BMCMedical Ethics, 15(1), 23-23. doi:10.1186/1472-6939-15-23Authorship:ElisabethHildt, KlausLieband AndreasGunterFrankeStudent name/student number
2STIMULANT USE OF THE COLLEGE STUDENTSResearch Aims: This paper aims to focus on the effect of the stimulant drugs on theenhancement of the academic performance or cognitive improvement among the universitystudents. The paper sheds light upon the experience of the students, who have been using thedrugs frequently.Design:In order to understand the effect of psycho-stimulants on the cognitive function amongthe university students, an extensive face to face interview was organized. The participants werechosen from the students of the University of Mainz, who had used prescribed illegitimatestimulants The questions that were asked were mainly related to the intake of the prescribedstimulants, to what extent they can be really helpful, the factors associated and the complicationsdue to the use of these drugs (if any).Findings:It was found that in most of the cases, students use psycho-stimulants to cope up withexcessive stress during exams or special projects.In accordance with the results obtained from the study, it can be guessed that the psycho-stimulants has a positive motivational effects which fosters receptiveness, concentration, selfconfidence in a student, which in turn helps a student to perform well in the exams.Strengths and weaknesses:there are several limitations that have to be considered in this study.One of them is that only 18 interviews were being considered for the survey. Secondly thestudents with psychiatric disorder might lead to bias because then that study will not representthe normal students. Furthermore, the answers given by the participants can be affected by thetime frame or the social desirability.Student name/student number
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