Essay on Stock Control Method in Dentistry

Added on - 03 May 2020

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STOCK CONTROL2Stock Control Method in DentistryThere are many things in dental offices, and supplies list may be significant. Stockcontrol may seem simple, but it plays an essential role in having an efficient workplace.However, stock control is usually not addressed unless it starts to drain flow of money. For apractice to run smoothly, it needs enough supplies and working tools. The following essayexplains how stock control methodis appliedin a dentist office.Keeping stock under control is the key to having standard procedures of operationwritten. Clinical supplies are ordered by the dentist associate, while office supplies requested bya member of the business team. The doctor and the members hold a meeting often to make surethat the method is working correctly[ CITATION Car17 \l 1033 ].The person given the mandateto order administrative supplies updates the list on a weekly basis.When using an inventory control system, one can choose to use the tagging system,electronic scanners or computer systems that are accessible by a fingerprint. It is also essential tokeep lubricating and to sterilize handpieces in the day. Disinfecting equipment after being usedto treat each patient is also recommended, while even checking levels of water in the self-contained bottles.Changing of delivery units traps and replacing O-rings is done at least ones per week. Itis also the right time to see if the ejector valves need replacement. The pipes are lubricated ordisassembled. Sterilizer filters are also checked and a spore test conducted in each if the office
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