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Story of Qiu Ju (1992)
It was a great pleasure to watch this short and interesting Chinese movie. The story of Qiu Ju isconsidered as a famous Chinese comedy-drama film of 1992. It was successfully directed byZhang Yimou. Gong Li play a title role in this film which is very interesting. It gives lots ofhappiness to me. In this paper, we will discuss the Story of Qiu Ju and how it relates to thedifferent sociological themes. This will efficiently do with the help of different sociologicaltheories propounded be Max Weber who is a famous sociologist. During the movie, there arevery happiest events which make me very happy. The film describes story of a peasant womanwho is known as Qiu Ju. She lives in a rural area of China. I like her very much because she waslooking so funny which makes the overall story very entertaining and interesting. I liked the wayQiu Ju has shown her character in this film. Her walking style makes her different from others.This film seems very different from the other Chinese films. Most of the people think thatChinese movies are very complex and confusing. But it is very easy to understand and have aninteresting story. This films shows us a various entertaining and interesting drama scenes anddeserves a lot of appreciation from me. In this film, Qiu husband is kicked in the groin by thehead of the village. She is pregnant in this movie and struggles very much for justice. Thediegetic sound utilized by the director also very smooth and clear. The overall movie is based onthe role of Qiu Ju and shows how she struggle in her life despite on the last stage of herpregnancy. She is the main reason behind the attractiveness of the film. As per the Max Weber,Sociology is considered as the relationship of our action with the action of others (Durkheim,2014). This movie completely denotes the sociology action in its story. The head of the town hasthe responsibility to manage all its citizens in an efficient manner. But he doesn't follow his rulesand regulations in an efficient manner. The film is based on the sociological theme ofrigidadherence to rules and regulations. This is because the head of the town is not following his rules1
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