Strategic Communication Plan Assignment

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Running head: STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION PLANStrategic communication planName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1MessageSenderReceiverSTRATEGIC COMMUNICATION PLANIA3 analysis of the issue related to Harvey Norman(IA)3What is theissue?Communication is a two way process by which two parties can send,decode and receive the message as intended by the one party to another.There are three elements in a communication process: a sender, amessage and a receiver. The sender perceives a message and sends itacross to the receiver in the best and the most effective medium ofcommunication so that the receiver can decode the message andunderstand it as it was sent by the receiver.After the message is decoded by the receiver, he decodes it understandsthe purpose of the message and replies with a suitable feedback. In thisentire procedure there can be a number of problems that a sender and areceiver may face which may prove as a hindrance in the communicationprocess. There are a number of barriers in the communication process,physical barrier, semantic barrier, emotional barrier etc. Harvey Normanis a multinational retail and e-commerce company that has a large scaleoperation as well as a large customer base. When the company isoperating on a large scale it is important for the organization tostrategically plan a communication process with the end customers. Theproblem with the organizations communication process is that there aretoo many information and too much data in an unorganized wayavailable. If a potential first time buyer will Google to find out HarveyNorman he will find a number of Harvey Norman and it is very muchpossible for that person to become confused with the option. Even theofficial website is cluttered with information, a fist time user will beconfuse even if that person is tech savvy and deals very often in e-commerce. In this case the issue is that the message has a lot ofinformation in a scattered manner this is a physical and semantic barrierin the communication process.(Biocca and Levy 2013).Who are theactors?The actors in the communication issue that has been discussed aboveare: the company, the existing customers, the potential customers and thestakeholders as well.In any communication process there has to be two parties and there hasto be an exchange of message the sender can be one or many, thereceiver also can be one or many. When there is one sender and manyreceivers it is referred to as mass communication. The methodology thatis followed with communicating in between two people is simpler thanmass communication. The possibility of hindrance and barriers ofcommunication increases with the number of receivers. In the case ofHarvey Norman, the company is communicating with the existing aswell as the potential buyers of the products and services the companyhas to offer. The consumers are the main players in this process as theintensity of information that has been pushed by the company is difficult
2STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION PLANfor the customers to understand and decode. If a customer is looking forcustomer care service option, he or she has to go through the entire homepage and look for the contact or the customer care tab. Whereas for acompany who operates in the electronics and furniture industry shouldgive priority to customer service and not push the option down below atthe bottom of the home page. (Gabcanova 2012).What are theactors’ interests?Every communication thread is processed keeping in mind the purposeof the message. This massage can be important to one and unimportantto another. The purpose of communication is to send across, thoughts,ideas, emotions, information, etc. For a business organization thepurpose of communication changes on various levels. For the issue thathas been identified the purpose of communication or the interests of theactors are also two fold one form the company’s perspective (the senderof the message) and the other is form the existing or potential customersand the stakeholders( receiver of the message).The interests of the company (sender) are:To ensure sales maximizationTo provide the customers with adequate and high quality aftersales serviceTo earn revenue or profit maximizationTo build a reputation and goodwill for the company both in theindustry as well as among the customersTo develop and improve the interactive and healthy relation withthe customers though the products and services as well as theafter sales servicesTo perform the operation of the business in a smooth wayTo receive feedback from the end customersThe interest of the potential or existing customers and the stakeholdersare:To buy products and services that are offered by Harvey NormanTo earn discounts and benefits from the offers that re give by thecompanyTo maximize utility of the money spent on the item bought fromHarvey NormanTo locate a storeTo understand the procedures of return policyTo identify the policies of customer care serviceTo get in touch with the customer care serviceTo provide the company feedback on the products or servicesTo share the compliance and grievances with the companyTo check the profitability of the company by studying thefinancial reports of the company (for the shareholders)In what arena dothe actors meet?Medium of communication is one of the most important aspects in thecommunication process. Most of the time people who are involved incommunication use the wrong medium and the message is disrupted inthe course and this is regarded as a major barrier in communication. In
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