Strategic human resource management.

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Running head: Strategic human resource managementStrategic Human Resource Management as Ethical Stewardship[Document subtitle][DATE][COMPANY NAME][Company address]
Strategic human resource management11)Compareand contrast job enlargement, rotation, and enrichment. How are they similarto and different from each other?Job Rotation:It involves the movement of employees in terms of rotating the job, in order to create interestand motivate an employee . It helps the organization in improving the concept of multi-tasking ,by the involvement of continuous training at a job. It helps in reducing the disinterest andboredom in the workplace by the performance of employee in terms of diversification inactivities. With the help of job rotation, the management can easily identify the particular areasin which the particular employee is good at their work.Job enlargement:It means the expansion in the number of different tasks that are to be performed by theemployees in a single job in a horizontal manner. It adds the similar tasks in the existing jobwhich will enhance the interest of the employee in the job. This concept is beneficial from theemployers' perspective as they are getting more work for the similar pay. The reasons for theemployee to be motivated for the continuation of work in job enlargement is that it provides thevariety of tasks to the employee, which will help them in reducing the boredom. Job enlargementalso acts as a motivating factor for the employee, as the employee gets the opportunity ofperforming at their level high , which will make it recognizable in the eyes of management andfrom the benefits of future prospects as well.Job enrichment:It means the enrichment in the tasks which the user is performing. It means the additionalauthority that is to be granted to the employee . The concept was introduced by Frederick
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