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Impact of strategic selection on a company:Strategic selection is part of recruitment procedure that is included in SHRM or strategic humanresource management (Daley, 2012). Strategic selection does not only mean choosing the idealcandidate for a particular designation or department. At the same time strategic selection alsoholds the responsibilities of the identifying the needs of the company from the workers.Therefore the impact of strategic selection can change the competency of the company byenhancing the working efficiency of the workforce (Jackson, Schuler & Jiang, 2014). An SHRMprocess initially follows a systematic internal and external analysis of the company that helps toidentify the proper workforce required for a position. The chief effect of strategic selection overthe company’s environment is also related to its organizational culture and work environment(Kramar, 2014). A potential employee who has been selected by a strategic selection approachhas more potentiality to adopt the functionality of the department as well as to maintain theorganizational culture and sustainability. Apart from that, the strategic selection also improvesthe organizational structure by placing an individual in the most suitable position within thebreakdown structure of the organization (Keep, 2014).As a Human Resource consultancy, the chief responsibility is to improve the organisationalworkforce functionality of Monash hotel that can improve the overall effectivity of the workstructure. Henceforth, the impact of the Strategic Selection process for Monash hotel would beidentified from their individual and collective performance of their workforce (Renwick,Redman & Maguire, 2013). In strategic selection, the potential employee has to undergo amultithreaded selection process where Monash hotel can be benefitted by getting appropriateemployees for their selective vacancies. At the same time, this strategic selection tool can also
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