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Strategic Information Systems and Technology | Assignment

Added on -2019-09-20

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Introduction: The market of competition and strategic aspects are improving with a rapid rate.In this scenario, the requirement of organizational strategy matters a lot. The organizationalstrategy will be helpful in opening a path for the growth and improvement in the right direction.Apart from this, the criterion for the transformation is also required in an appropriate way. Forpursuing transformation, it is essential to follow the strategic information system in a suitablemode. There are various aspects identified for the organization strategy and to pursue theseaspects, suitable coordination is essential between the IT and the business strategy.The alignment of the business and IT is identified as the most appropriate combination, whenmanaged in the right direction. In general words, it is an advanced concept of the businessprocessing in which the information technology is capable to achieve advanced objectives relatedto the business. Apart from this, the combination should also be capable in generating suitableoutput as per the requirement and need of the specific business.The essay shown below mainly relates to the critical analysis of an alignment of informationsystem and organizational strategy, different aspects related to the organizational strategy and thefundamental concepts of information system in the organization.A basic approach towards IT and Business Strategy alignment: The organizational strategyis identified as the method in which different type of functions and processes are identified formanaging the suitable aspects related to the business. To understand the basic approach towardsIT and business strategy alignment, it is essential that the different types of organizationalstrategy need to be analyzed. This will help in making research process easy and suitable. Theorganizational strategy is mainly categorized into three major forms which are named as the2
business strategy, transformational strategy and operational strategy. All these three strategieswill be helpful in providing suitable assistance to the business opportunities. In this essay, themain focus is mainly switched towards the business strategy in contrast to the IT [CITATIONMVa11 \l 1033 ].The wide range of ideas and information are generated for the IT and business strategyalignment. According to the research of articles and journals, the alignment of IT with businessstrategy is successful in providing suitable assistance to the competitive as well as strategicadvantages. During an alignment, the IT is successful in providing assistance to improvecompetition, efficiency, operations, fixed asset management and other aspects too. The second basic idea related to the IT and business strategy is that the approach assists infulfilling the demands of the customers in a proper way if they are aligned in a proper way. Theplotting of the customers’ demands and needs can be managed with the help of IT [ CITATIONDMa161 \l 1033 ]. It will also be helpful in providing suitable assistance in a definite direction.The environmental opportunities and the unwanted risks related to the business can also beidentified at an initial level, so that it can be removed as per the suitable directions.The development of business is identified as the important output that is generated by thealignment of IT and business strategy. It is successful in generating appropriate business outputand also provides support in carrying the business in a positive track. The business decisions canget taken and accomplished with the help of information technology [ CITATION JSc13 \l 1033 ].These decisions are strategy, architecture, priority and management. There are various suitableprocesses by which the process of alignment can be defined in a suitable way. 3
Another basic evidence and idea about the IT and business strategy alignment is that it may helpin providing suitable changes of transformation in the form of E- Business. The level ofexecuting the business is actually improving. The criteria for performing apposite trading arechanging with a rapid speed and appropriate assistance related to the business performance isdefined at a primary level. The profit generation is getting higher and the financial aspects arealso getting strengthened in a simultaneous manner.But with these positive aspects, the negative aspects are also defined for the basic ideas andapproaches. For the suitable execution, the basic ideas need coordinated and simultaneousapproach to reach the target specified by an organization. There are various examples of differentorganizations defined that are not benefited by the IT and strategic analysis. This is due to anunorganized approach adopted by the organization. Another negative aspect relates to themanagement aspects which are related the IT and business strategy. For managing the businessin a correct direction, there is a requirement of a professional and qualified team which can bemanaged by defining the definite standards [ CITATION POs13 \l 1033 ].The negative aspects for the business are also that there is a lack of awareness and assumptionsamong the organization and its employees in the context of the IT processing. The awareness isidentified as the major tool which can help in framing proper criteria for the execution. So, it isessential to create awareness on the basic ideas & approaches and also needs to manage thespecific policies for generating the awareness. By the help of this, the negative perspectives canbe changed into the positive ones.4

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