Strategic Change in Apple Inc : Report

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Strategic Leadership303MAN RESIT
INRODUCTIONStrategic change indicates towards the alteration and change in the structure oforganisation subject to behaviour (Johnson, 2016.). This report is prepared subject to strategicchange in apple Inc. how strategic change is managed by the organisation in respect of operatingthe change management and different type of groups remain associated with strategic change.Alternative approaches are defined in respect of effectiveness of the method of introduction andthe leadership approach taken. Overview of strategic change in Apple Inc.Apple is an integrated organisation deals in advanced gadgets, technology and artificialintelligence. It is a manufacturing company which produces software and hardware andoperating system. It is one of the successful organisation which is specialised in providingquality and advance technological services all over the world. It has a IOS operating systemwhich is considered as one of the most effective and secure firewall operating system. This isone of the organisation which invest in new technology and products every year. It has capturesthe huge market ratio in the world. Organisation was funded in1979, from its establishment Apple have achieved lots ofstrategic and competitive advantages. Strategic changes are adopted in effective manner subjectto control and absorb the environmental changes with in the organisation. Steven Jobs andSteven Wozniack were the founder of the organisation. Basically the strategies and developmentwere focused around enhancing the strengthen and capacity to develop the software andhardware. Majorly the strategies of the organisation is focused around software strategies. Thereare some strategic changes are defined in respect of developing the organisation structureflexible subject to market risk.Company is a market leader in the field of technology and advancements. It believes inproviding the latest and advanced gadgets and software to lead the world towards future(Herrmann and Nadkarni, 2014). Change strategy played vital role subject to introducing newproduct and gadgets in the market. Apple Launched its latest generation product in 2001 namediPod. This product was launched with its individual software as iTunes Music store in 2003 inUSA and Europe. Apple analyse the market trend and customer requirement and adopted thechange strategy subject to launching the product in unique way. Approx hundred million unitswere sold out with in the six years. 1

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