Strategic Leadership Capstone.

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1.Geo-political environment in which HSBC operatesHSBC Holdings plc is a multinational banking and financial services company based inBritain. The company has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. The bank hasbeen estimated as the world’s fourth largest bank on the basis of the total assets. Thecompany was first incorporated in 1866 and sees United Kingdom and Hong Kong as itshome markets.United Kingdom has is located in the Western part of the Europe and includes thenorthern one-sixth of the Ireland island present between the North Sea and NorthAtlantic Ocean. With a population of 64 million, it does not have any constitutionallydefined official language. Primarily, English is considered as the main language. Othernative languages to the Isles are Irish, Welsh, Gaelic, and Scots etc. Being an islandnation, the country has a natural defensive barriers which is not present in the otherEuropean countries and all the decision makers are aware of the fact that thesechannels can be crossed by invading armies. Therefore Britain has to minimize thepotential security threats that emanate from other sides and should try to prevent thehegemon rise. Britain has adopted a dual strategy of maintaining a bilateral relationshipwith the United States and also remains one of the strongest part of European continent(The United Kingdom’s Perspective | Geopolitical Futures, 2016).However, the Brexithas impacted the geopolitical factors of UK and has led to destabilization of thegeopolitical relations in Europe. Without anchoring of Britain in Europe, the relationshipbetween Germany and France will deteriorate and at the same time relationshipbetween Europe and United States will be thrown in a total flux("BREXIT - AGEOPOLITICAL PERSPECTIVE: The nail in the coffin for "Great" Britain?", 2016).
2. Analysis of leadership in the companyThe organization is managed by its Chief Executive. The company and its leadershiphas been structured into various board committees consisting of a number of directorsand non-director members. This hierarchy is seen to continue with the directors havingresponsibility of the internal controlling operations of the bank. These directors have theresponsibility of analyzing the efficiency of various areas present within in the bank.The leaders of the bank proceed with ethical manner of controlling and stabilizing thebeliefs and values of the bank. All the employees are considered in the tasks ofdecision-making and are brainstormed with better ideas of increasing the productivity ofthe company. This along with bringing efficiency in the results marks high personality ofthe employees of the bank. The organization has moved to all over United Kingdomoperating a full service bank which is known for its effective and efficient quality andleadership management. The leadership management is seen to have driving thevalues and beliefs of the company in a brilliant manner (The art of leadership | HSBCPrivate Bank, 2015).All the employees are encouraged to influences, inspire and communicate with peopleand has promoted the idea of exchange of knowledge throughout the company in formof feedback and constructive criticism. The skills and attributes of every singleemployee is discovered so as to make them better leaders and to enhance theenvironment of the company in the market place. The employees are empowered tohave self-initiative so as to foster a productive and effective working environment. Theboard of directors, management team and employees of HSBC have developed aneffective strategy for allowing the company to grow at a sustainable rate.
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