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Strategic Management
INTRODUCTIONBased on the internal and external factors the top management takes some initiative onmajor goals on behalf of the owners and implements and formulates them, this is known asstrategic management. Three principles by Michael Porter are making trade-offs by choosing“what not to do”, creating a valuable and unique position and to support the chosen strategy.Main BodyStrategy According to B.H. Liddell Hart"The craft of spreading widely and applying service intends to satisfy the parts of thebargains."Strategies According to H. MintzbergStrategic management according to the author can be used by various company to createand develop long term and short term goals.These can be achieving by allocating resourcesadequately. In this various skills can be acquired by effective training which canStrategies According to G. SteinerPlan of action is what top administration does that is key to the association. Methodologyimply to fundamental directional choices, that is, to mission and purposes. Methodologycomprises the notable activities important to understand these headings. Methodology respondsto the inquiry: What should the association do? Procedure addresses the query: What are thefinishes we look for and by what means would it be preferable for us to accomplish them?Strategy According to K. TregoeThe major 9 factors for strategic management by K. Tregoe are- Strategy for deal, Itemsadvertised, Creation ability, Common assets, Market needs, Size/development, Strategy fordissemination, Innovation and Return/benefit.Strategy According to K. AndrewsCorporate technique can be defined as company’s choice that shows the objective ofbusiness unit. Strategies are planned for meeting organizational goal and meeting financial needsin effective manner.Strategies according to M. Robert
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