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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP21.Name of organisation.The policy that we wish to create will be carried out by an organization or rather acompany called Golden Rose Sydney whose objectives will be based on importation ofpreserved flowers. In addition, the organization will be marketing the imported roses towholesalers and retailers.2.Business case - Brief statement as to why this organisation needs a Diversity Policyfor example.Nature of the business (What business are you in?)Golden Rose Sydney Company is a business organization that deals with importationof preserved roses. Later on, the company supply the imported roses to middlemen such aswholesalers and retailers. Both the wholesalers and retailers are the main target for the business.Those two clients will then distribute the roses to the final consumer base of customers andconsumers lists of preference. For that reason, Golden Rose Sydney require a diversified policy.A diversified policy typically refers to a business strategy that business enterprise applies tomake sure the commodity under consideration is well managed to reach the final user at the mostappropriate time without causing delays associated to risks of uncertainty. Therefore, GoldenRose Sydney will highly employ diversity policy since the nature of the product underconsideration is exposed to risks of damage if not well handled(Richard 2013). Diversity meansapplication of different policies in a collective manner to assist marketing process along withother relevant processes involving a particular product form production to consumption timeframes. As a fact, roses are very perishable if not well preserved. In that case, a diversified policywould be necessary to prolong their nature so as to avoid losses associated to perishability ofthese roses.• Client profile.The main clients of Golden Rose Sydney are the wholesalers and retailers.Therefore, the company need to play the cards well when dealing with the two clients. These twoclients form a part of intermediaries involved in business operations. Another client involved inthis business is the source where the roses are imported from. In that case, a well-diversifiedpolicy is needed by Golden Rose Sydney based in the asserted Client Profile. For ascertain this,the source of these roses need to be informed about the import in the most appropriate time. In
STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP3that case, orders regarding to the importation process need to done prior to the actual day ofimportation. This will facilitate proper packaging of the roses to avoid damage (Richard 2013).This will also ensure that all the custom duties levied on these roses are paid in good time toavoid delay during collection from the airport or the seaport. For the case of wholesalers andretailers, a diversity policy is need so as to empower the in the resale of these product in order tohave a smooth flow of business operations.3.Describe the expected benefits, for the organisation, to be gained from implementinga Diversity Policy ie will the business be more efficient/ effective/profitable?Application of diversity policy will be very beneficial to Golden Rose Sydney if wellimplemented. There will be more profits that will be generated by applying diversity policy.First, roses imported will be in larger quantities because a diversity policy is a form of marketingstrategy this will assist Golden Rose Sydney to venture more areas to sell the product. Willincreased sales, definitely the profits generated will as well increase significantly (Neil 2016).For efficiency and effectiveness, diversity policy plays a major role in operation of businessactivities in Golden Rose Sydney. This is because, through application of diversity policy, thecompany will be able to access the source for imports in good time as well as to access thewholesalers and retailer in appropriate times. Thus, cases of delay and damage of roses is beingreduced significantly. Time factor will be integrated from all channels of distribution if diversitypolicy is factored in by Golden Rose Sydney.4.Explain how you will incorporate the following legislation into your policy:• Commonwealth Human Rights and Equal Opportunity ActThis is a very important act as far as Golden Rose Sydney Company is concerned.Thisis because the company will be dealing with international community just like this act is basedon international standards. In that connection, to incorporate this act, Golden Rose SydneyCompany will offer good working conditions to the workers without limiting their human rights(Neil 2016). Finally, the company will offer employment opportunities to all individual so as toincorporate both genders, to incorporates individual of different races, religion, skin color andother aspects of human life. By doing that, we will be creating equal opportunities to a widercohort of people.
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