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Strategic Management of FedEx Corporation: SWOT, Value Chain and VRIO Analysis

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This report analyzes the strategic management of FedEx Corporation through SWOT, value chain and VRIO analysis. It also provides recommendations for the company's future growth and expansion.
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Strategic Management of FedEx Corporation: SWOT, Value Chain and VRIO Analysis_1
STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT1IntroductionStrategic analysis is an important concept for the corporates as it helps the organization in theidentification of internal and external analysis of the company, which will benefit theorganization in the long run. In the competitive scenario, the companies have to make strategicplanning for the future prospects of the business. In the present paper, we have discussed thestrategy formulation of FedEx Corporation the biggest logistics corporation of US, by making ananalysis on the basis of internal factors and other strategic tools for the successfulimplementation of organizational goal and strategies. The company has already attained the highreputation in the world market (Villamayor,2015). This report will help the company in assessingthe resources of the company by using VRIO analysis and value chain analysis that helps inproviding recommendations to the CEO of the company in terms of strategic vision andobjectives that helps the company in making more competitive.Company profileFed Ex is the multinational corporation which deals with the wide range of supply chain,logistics, and transportation-related business information services. FedEx was incorporated in1971, by the 28-year-old Frederick Smith with the name Federal Express Corporation. Smith is aformer marine pilot that identify the problem of difficulty in getting packages within two or threedays of operating the firm. This problem gave an idea to him to provide the delivery services formaking the delivery effective. And here the idea of FedEx has evolved. The corporation wascreated in 1998 as FDX Corporation, and converted into FedEx Corporation in 2000. Presentlythe company is having more than 2, 90,000 employees and committed the safety on the basis ofethical and professional standards.
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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT2Vision, mission, and objectivesThe company is having a vision of making possible for people and business in connection andcollaboration with each other. FedEx emphasize on people first as they are the important assets,with the help of them the goals are accomplished. The company is focused on providing high-quality services Save Time and Improve your Marks. (2018)..The company is using its strategiesin making itself competitive in terms of acquiring the market share with respect to itscompetitors.Pestle analysisPoliticalThe company has to be focused on the political factors as they deal in logistic business, so thecompany has to take permission from the government for making upgradations in business forthe success of the organization. Any political instability will lead to the problem for the companyas it results in the major impact on the FedEx contribution.EconomicThe company has to consider the economic factors as the sole growth of the company is linked tothe economic growth of the country. The changes in the dollar process will affect the economicgrowth of the country, as according to statistics FedEx is considered as the 21st largestcontributor, which result in trade opportunities.
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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT3SocialSocial practices for FedEx involves that the freight should be time bound and reached to thecustomers without any damage, to increase the customer demand (FedEx - FedEx - FedExExpress Strategy. (2018).. The countries who are having high population rate are seen as thepotential customers for FedEx. In addition to that, the business of the company is dependent onthe literacy rate as more literate people need more services.TechnologicalThe firm is having the strong technological concept for the tracking system of couriers in themarket. The concept of online shopping increases the business of the company due to the onlineconcept of home delivery (Chatzoglou, 2017). The technological advancement results in easytracking of packages and makes the company more effective in terms of customer queries andfeedback. EnvironmentalThese factors impact the company as the climatic change will delay the delivery system of thecompany, and affect the air transportation. So the company has to work hard for thesustainability of environment of any country, to reduce the impact of environment factor on thecompany.Legal The company also has to analyze the legal factors of the country as every organization is havingdifferent legal factors. So the company has to understand the legal procedures in terms of labor
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