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Running head: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTSTRATEGIC MANAGEMENTName of the studentName of the universityAuthor Note
1STATEGIC MANAGEMENTDATE: November 12, 2017TO: (Name of the reader)FROM: (Name of the writer)SUBJECT: Identification and influence of one aspect in the daily life (Retail Mall)Every aspect of the daily life is one of the vital concerns that affect the individuals. Be itthe place of residence, the place of worship, the pathway to office, the gymnasium, the regularcoffee shop, the school or even the retail store. Every place has its own importance that lays animpact on the daily chores of an individual or even the job.This memo deals and discusses about the positive and the negative impact of the one such aspectthat has been considered and cited with accordance to the topic. The memo lays emphasis on thesignificance of the defined aspect and how it lays its influence in the daily life as well as a coupleof recommendations to identify it significance in terms of job applicants as well the reason forwhich it can be considered or compensated by employers. In order to help understand and relatebetter with the topic a retail store has been selected and help explain its significance including itspositive and negative outlook for an individual.The purpose of this memo is to explain about one of the important aspects of the daily life aswell help understand and analyze its role, which includes its negative and positive influences onthe demographics revolving around it. With this memo, it has also been explained, if this dailyaspect of life should be or even minimally be considered in terms of job applicants as well asconsidered by the employers.With reference to the topic a well-known retail outlet, Toronto Eaton centre has beenconsidered as one of the significant aspects of the daily life. This airy and spacious mall is one ofthe home to around 250 stores and considerably one of the third largest malls in Canada and oneof the biggest tourist attractions (Dawson & Lord, 2012). High profile stores and brands havefound its way into the mall, such as Michael Kors, Victoria’s Secret and Nordstrom, which haveopened it exclusive outlets in the year of 2016 (Simmons, 2012). This mall is a one-stop shopwith a four leveled glass domed infrastructure along with excellent places to eat and most thespecial feature or attraction of the entire mall being the installation a flock of Canadian geese,Flight Stop which had been designed by Michael Snow, adds on to the attraction even more (SeeAppendix 1).Coming on to the plus points of the location, this mall is located in Yonge Street, exactly inbetween the Dundas, Queen Streets, which is considerably the heart of Toronto’s downtown.This place is easily accessible by the Dundas or the Queen Subway stops and a 15-minute walkfrom the Toronto Union Station. The Eaton mall also has easy pathway connectivity to the other
2STATEGIC MANAGEMENTattraction in the downtown. The retail mall has connecting facility of availing shuttles or cabswith nearby expensive and prestigious hotels like The Grand Hotel, The Chelsea Hotel and theHilton Hotel (Ozuduru & Guldmann, 2013).So according to me, this place has both a positive and negative impact. The beautiful locationalong with lots of exclusive stores combined with a bustling foot court and free wifi all aroundthe mall is obviously a positive attraction (Donald, 2013). The expensive parking fee and thepricing of the brands is obviously a negative point, to be highlighted. With excellent connectivityand location, the mall has a blend of both the positive and negative perspectives. The positiveimpact being the fact that this super mall holds one of the exclusive brands that are not easilyaccessible along with large and spacious infrastructure and easy connectivity with the otherplaces. The retail mall is one of the significant places that offers a wide range of necessarycommodities for the daily life (Chevalier & Gutsatz, 2012). This place also has enough spacethat offers recreational offerings to the visitors such as coffee shops, kids zones and foot courtsthat people can used for small chit-chats and spending some of the quality time (Zaatari et al.,2014). People can buy branded products that are not always available in the other smaller storescomparing to this retail outlet. The ample and ambient space offers the visitors a specialenvironment to roam around and have fun even though there is no serious intention to go forsome serious shopping sprees. The free wifi zones in the malls allows the visitors to connect totheir social and networking world without any hassles and work in the food court (See appendix2).Despite such positive influences, the mall also has its own negative impacts on a personal note.The mall is an exclusive one, so considering the fact that even though the retail offers a widerange of exquisite products the pricing is soaring high, which is more likely affordable for thepeople who are looking for a pocket-friendly deal. The huge space is extremely difficult forvisitors to cover and the expensive parking space forbids the customers to come along in theirown vehicles. The location is comparatively in a posh area of Toronto so probably few peoplewho have the capacity to afford come down whereas the rest of the people would look for otheralternatives. A mere wifi, food court and an ample space is not enough to attract even customers.With consideration to these facts, I can consider that the mall has a mixed influence on theoutlook. This aspect of the daily life is to be considered for encouraging the job applicants since Ibelieve that the mall is one of the prestigious places to work for. The mall offers many storeswith exclusive and demanding brands to attract visitors, also the vibrant work environment alongwith the strategic location can be an easy connectivity for the applicants, which is one of thecrucial factors that can be taken into consideration. Working for the exclusive brands can offer apresentable outlook towards a better way of earning (Coulter, 2014). The well vibrant andsaturated work environment as well as the mall bustling with visitors can offer the applicants agood prospect of manifesting their selling skills. In terms of consideration of the employers theycan also compensate by the fact that the applicants who can successfully manifest theirmarketing skills in the profession can be offered with various reimbursements or rewards to keep
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