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Strategic Management for Wells Fargo & Company

Added on -2019-09-21

This article discusses the adequacy of the vision and mission statement of Wells Fargo & Company and suggests strategic objectives to improve their brand image. The article also highlights the importance of tax planning and management in their advertising campaigns. The subject is Strategic Management and the course code is not mentioned. The content is relevant to students studying business management or finance. The article does not mention any specific college or university.
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Running head- Strategic ManagementINTERNATIONALBUSINESS
1Strategic ManagementStrategic ManagementPart 1. Wells Fargo & Company is an American international banking and financial services holding company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with "hub quarters" throughout the countryIts vision statement- We want to satisfy our customer’s financial needs and help them succeed financially.Its mission statement- To help successful business owners, retirees, and families.As here wells Fargo has very sound and effective vision and mission statement which is attracting the various class of the people, as they are dealing into financial perspective which is the most needed perspective to all and majority are very concerned about their financial status and planning. As they believe that customer can be best served when they have a relationship with a trusted provider that knows them well. They also believe in providing reliable guidance and serve the customer with their full range of financial needs.Merits areAs they are dealing with financial product and services which is most prominent in the life of theperson and to the economy as a whole.Good image- Wells Forgo is a trustful name.Segmented to the major population like owners, retirees, and families.

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