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Running head: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTStrategic ManagementName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTIntroductionIn the entire complex and dynamic environment of the business, the world is consideredthe global village wherein there are different issues that affects the business and it influences theperformance of the organization as well. There is different kind of complexities in the businessenvironment that makes very essential for the higher officials of the organization to manage thebusiness effectively. This will help the organization to survive in the different complex situationsand be effective in nature. On the other hand, the business environment has become highlycomplex, as there are different kinds of issues that are creating huge impact on the decisions thathas been implemented by the organization.These kinds of decisions that are taken by the organizations have to abide properly withthe different norms in the organization. These kinds of issues include technological, legal, humanresource and financial issues. These are the different kind of issues that will be handled with thehelp of different strategies. It is seen that the organization cannot perform on their own it isnecessary that there are different factors that will help in operating the business.The analysis is based on two companies that include El Corte Ingles and John Lewiswherein there are different differences in the management of the organization. With the help ofTLMC theory, the different strategic differences relating to the leadership and management willbe discussed. The analysis is essential in nature, as this will help in conducting the comparativeanalysis in an effective manner.John LewisJohn Lewis is chain of department stores that is high end in nature and it is operatingthroughout United Kingdom. The firm is owned by partnership of John Lewis and it started their
2STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTbusiness in the mid of 1800s. The first store was opened in the Oxford Street in London andslogan of the chain is “Never Knowingly Undersold”. There are more than 49 stores throughoutScotland, Wales and England and they have flexible format stores in York and Exeter. Theconcession of John Lewis was first opened in South Wales in the year 2016 and they areperforming well in the entire market as well(John Lewis, 2018).John Lewis Partnership comprises of the partnership board as well as Chairman managesthe entire departmental store. The entire partnership board and chairperson helped in providingdifferent strategic direction for making the business effective in nature. The respective companycomprised of the executive team and John Lewis has a separate Divisional Departmental Boardas well. The culture of the company is based on the culture of the management wherein they areanti corrupt in nature. The employees are punctual in nature and they follow the CSR program asthere had been different unsustainable consumption of natural resources that is affecting thenatural environment.Executive TeamThey help in making different clear agreements and tradeoffsDivisional Departmental BoardDay to day management is management by board of management wherein it isaccountable to Chairman for performance of the council.El Corte InglesIt is one of the biggest departmental store groups in Europe and it ranks fourth inworldwide. This store was founded in Madrid, Spain in the year 1940 and the locations wherein
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