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Statement of WorkDate[5th September 2018 ]Project Name[ STRATEGIC PROJECT MANAGEMENT]Prepared by[insert your name]Introduction/BackgroundPashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL) is an Australia company which ideas in construction ofbuildings. They are planning to enhancing their marketing strategies through which they canconvey message to customers. They want to come with approaches to serve better customerservices. To achieve this managers of Pashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL) are thinking to launchnew website (Andersen, 2010). As per discussion it is clear that there is no IT department inPashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL) with the help of website development organization is able toperform services according to customer's demand. With this website, it is easy to interact withcustomers and according to feedback it is perform business operations. Managers of Pashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL) are thinking to out sourcing developmentwork of this website. So there is requirement of proper planning by contractor. So as perdiscussion it is clear that association has to make strategies which helps to design, test,implement and training of employees related to new website. It is essential to plan aboutselection of contractor which is effective and cheap for Pashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL).Training must be accordingly, so every customer is ready to learn about new website. It is easyto deal with grievances of customers and customized services can be delivered properly. There isrequirement of analysis of market which helps to provide knowledge about options which arerelevant for growth of organization. When managers are thinking to outsource website designing,then there is proper set of time for various different activities. While taking services from otherorganization, there is requirement of approval of top level managers of Pashendale Holdings Ltd(PHL). Project Scope
When managers of Pashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL) use statement of work then actionscan be performed accordingly. As there is no internal assistance for IT department, so managersof Pashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL) are thinking to take services from some contractor. Thisoutsourcing is related to dealing with customers and managers of Pashendale Holdings Ltd(PHL) (Crawford, 2010). There is no use of intranet of association. As for the growth ofassociation, it is essential to develop software which is user friendly and training is providedrelated to dealing with software. To get positive results, it is essential to pre-test software atsmall level. Managers of Pashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL) plan about outsourcing and actionscare performed after proper analysis, designing, testing, etc. As there are possibilities of change in environment, so while availing services from outsource changes must be done. As per case, to improve market image and provide satisfaction tocustomers, there is requirement of proper and effective training for growth of association. Thereare various phases which helps to achieve target in effective way. There is requirement ofapproval in writing to continue for forward action (David, 2011). In this out sourcing is done forimplementation of website. There are different activities such as planning (research anddevelopment, choose of professional), designing (website development is done), implementation,(practical work with website for commercial purpose )etc. So there is requirement of use ofresources which are effective and significant for making changes in accordance to satisfaction ofmanagers. There is requirement of approval of managers either in writing or to carry forward tonext step. Managers of Pashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL) are thinking to come with approachessuch as date sheet for every activity which helps to complete project on time. From the above report managers properly planned business operations but there is noprovision of punishment in case of negative re4sults. So this can be time and cost consuming. Toavoid such situation, there must be some aspects which proves to be penalize for contractors andthey must consider website project more thoroughly. From the above case of PashendaleHoldings Ltd (PHL), it is clear that there is lack of time punctuality which affects timemanagement of project. So there are possibilities that software development project will timeconsuming. While outsourcing services from contractor for software development, there isrequirement of proper process which helps organization to develop website effectively. There isplanning, designing, implementation and conversion phase which helps in effective developmentof website. With the help of website designing, it is easy for managers of Pashendale Holdings
Ltd (PHL) to compete with other organizations. It is easy for them to market their services andinteract with customers. There is important roles of feedback to run business in effective way.After resolving customer's problem follow up can be taken easily. This can be done easily withthe help of official website and software. There is difference in demand of customers, so it iseasy with the help of website to convey services properly. Work RequirementsAs there is requirement of proper planning which helps to perform website developmentprogram in effective and efficient manner. To meet outsource service, there is requirement ofvarious changes which are effective and significant for association's growth (Andersen, 2010).There are many changes which are required to get positive result. There are various task whichare planned by contractor so positive results can be achieved. These task underlined byPashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL) that are as discussed as under-Planning phase- This is the first step for website development plan. In this phase, thereis planning related to making policies how to launch new software and actions are taken as perset targets. There is use of work break down structure, pre-launch testing plan as managers ofPashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL) wants to polish skill of workers, so contractor has to plan how totrain employees. There is planning about time period of every specific activity. As per planningother future activities. After proper planning related to development of website, training, etc.contractor has to deliver that to manager of Pashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL). So approval ofPashendale Holdings Ltd (PHL)'s managers are necessary to perform further activities. Definition and design phase-After planning, there is requirement of defining and designing. In this phase, there isrequirement of some marketing strategies which are effective for achieving targets(Crawford, 2010). As per this stage, contractor develop software for testing and accordingly actions aretaken. This is successful when contractor analyses requirement of Pashendale HoldingsLtd (PHL). As there are some code language which is effective for achievingorganizational targets.

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