Strategic Reporting : FedEx.

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ContentsIntroduction 3Generic Strategy 3Operation Strategy 4Diversified Strategy 4Global Reach and presence 6Corporate Social Responsibiltiy 8Bibliography 92
IntroductionTo serve as the parent holding company of freight, FedEx express, FedEx was takenin as the parent company in 1997. FedEx corporate services Inc is the parent company thatprovide strategic decisions to FedEx express. FedEx struggles to provide the best customerexperience and increase the brand value through satisfaction of customers by the integratedcorporate strategies.Strategies:Generic Strategy:FedEx had initiated a number of solutions to enhance the customer satisfaction.Example may be given on the one call solution launched by FedEx in 2006 that gavecustomers the option to choose from the mix of air and shipping and surface available fromExpress, Freight and Custom services choosing from a variety according to their need andconvenience. Based on the delivery and pickup requirements customers can choose from abroad range of services and this is based on the time bound activity and the characteristic ofthe product being shipped. The technology is also up to date and modern which facilitatescustomers to use their options through call or through portal and track their shipments, orderand pay as per their convenience. The services are extremely automated and are coordinatedand have cohesion throughout the organisation. The information systems are extremelyrobust and provide end to end solution with the customer. provides end to endsolution for air, surface and sea and the customer is easily led though instructions to chooseoptions of his services.FedEx manages business portfolio as a whole in the best interest of the organisationand not as parts. Collaboration has paid its incentives in FedEx being managedcomprehensively in retail, business investment, maintaining customer portfolio, sharing ofinformation, investment opportunities and expansion. It has also helped the integratedinformation technology of the business.For each FedEx company decision is made to optimise the cash flow and makeprudent investment to help grow the business into a robust earning and service orientedopportunity organisation. Each segment enjoys the autonomy to focus best in the sectors of3
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