Strategy Formulation: E-Type Designers

Added on - Sep 2019

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Strategy formulationExecutive SummaryThe e-Types designers have always considered themselves as the design revolutionaries. Butwith the recent orders, they have been receiving not so helpful guidance from some of ourconservative clients every now and then. Most of the time, the e-types designers are given workwhich is below their considered standard and is immensely boring. However, it is the prime dutyof the designers to satisfy the needs of the clients and customers thereby leading to a greatcontroversy in the organization. The organization needs to solve the issues to the design conflictsbetween the designers and the clients in order to facilitate the proper operations of the company.Therefore, there is a need for the organization to strategize and come up with the various ideas tosolve this issue.The organization on discussing with both the upper and level of the organization came to aconclusion of formulating an important strategy which will be helpful in assessing the situationand to solve the conflict among the clients and the designers. This strategy will be implementedin order to solve the creative ideas related conflicts and will inculcate the ideas of the clientsalong with the designers and help them to select a design where the ideas of both the clients andthe designers will be used.The organization is implementing a feedback poll for the clients where they will be asked severalquestions regarding their designs and their expectations from the designers. Prior to asking thesequestions to the clients, the designers will also be asked for their point of views and perspectiveregarding the design specific to the client. The questions will be related to the designs and thekind of detailing desired by the client. Further, a section of questions will be asked regarding theentertainment of the ideas from the designers and if the clients are willing to improvise theirdesigns after taking considerations from the designers.
This feedback will be submitted to the main portal of the company and the company will adhereto all the conditions set by the clients. If the clients are open to the suggestions made by thedesigners, the designers would be given the liberty to explore their creativity in order to help theclients. However, if the clients want their logo and designs to be the way they want, the designerswould have to adhere to such conditions and work accordingly.Further, on completion of theproject, the client would be asked to rate their satisfaction level with the company so as toevaluate the whole process in the final feedback. This will help in determining whether thedemands of clients and their perspective were taken into consideration or not.This strategy will help the organization to retain their clients and to inculcate their ideas in thefunctioning. This way the organization would be helpful in maintaining a long-term relationshipwith the clients along with keeping the interests and creativity of the designers into their utmostinterest. This strategy will help in solving the problem along with maintaining a healthyrelationship with the client.
Strategy implementationThe strategy will be implemented with the help of the support from the employees and theclients. The organization has identified the following aspects that are directly related to theimplementation of the strategy, which are mentioned as given below:1.Resistance of the employees2.Cost3.TimingsThese constraints during the implementation of the solution have to be considered carefully bythe organization. The employees especially the designers who refuse to listen to the conservativeclients. Furthermore, the whole implementation process will also lead to resistance among theemployees regarding the change being introduced in the company. This can even become one ofthe major setback therefore the organization will need to deal with it carefully in order to have asuccessful transition.The organization might face issues in the time and cost of the implementation of the solution.The amount of time to create the portal and ask for the feedback from the clients would bedirectly proportional to the amount of money being invested by the company and would consumemaximum resources of the company. Therefore organization need to consider all these aspectsbefore implementing the solution and creating the portal for the clients and their feedbacks.The organization needs to break the whole process into three phases where the first one will berequired to formulate the strategy towards implementing the change. Further, the organizationneeds to communicate a proper plan, coaching plan, sponsorship roadmap and training plan. Inthis phase, the organization will focus on all the employees and their barriers towards the
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