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Running head: ACADEMIC WRITINGAcademic WritingName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1ACADEMIC WRITINGPart A:Topic Sentence 1:On one hand, the abilities of internet in extending interpersonal relationships can beextolled as now people can connect to each other across boundaries, on the other handinternet is also causing several psychological and social issues that can damage the socialexisting connections. Internet makes people browsing and spending more time online at thecost of their time spent with their family and friends. As a result to that, people are nowsitting in front of their laptop, computers at home more than going out and talking to theirfriends, relatives or neighbours.Topic Sentence 2:Public transportation in cities mostly acts as a significant solution to theenvironmental, economic and energy challenges of the nation. It helps bringing a better andsustainable future. These services are affordable for all economic classes, therefore peoplecan easily travel as well.Topic Sentence 3:Nowadays toddlers love playing around electronic gadgets, so most parents are nowsubstituting baby toys and books for smart phones. However these gadgets can never be thesubstitute of one-on-one conversation with their caregivers. Researches show that thiscontinuous presence may have a harmful impact on children’s mind.Topic Sentence 4:As an offense littering is generally overlooked by most of the governments as there isno such immediate impact of such offense. However, this has long term consequences as itcan harm the environment and people as well. Due to clogged drains flood causes in citiesmaking environment unhygienic and bringing contagious diseases.
2ACADEMIC WRITINGTopic Sentence 5:Playing with toys is an exciting thing for children as it brings them joy, happiness andmany happy memories to cherish. A child always has an innate curiosity; thereforediscovering new things with their toys makes them more fascinated with toys. Toys can alsomanifest their interest in art, locomotive, music and several other things.Part B:IntroductionUnemployment is a crucial issue of every nation, especially in the developingcountries that have a huge population. Higher unemployment rates indicate that the labourresources in the country are not being efficiently utilized. Therefore any country should havea major macroeconomic goal of having full employment and this should be a part of thegovernment policy (Hanapi & Nordin, 2014). However, there has been no such effectivesolution to this issue till date. Furthermore unemployed graduates have turned into a seriousissue in Malaysia. Few years ago, a newspaper report even claimed that the unemploymentrate amongst the university graduates has reached to 70% (Shamsudin et al., 2017).Therefore, this essay will trigger this issue and discuss the causes and effects of suchincreasing unemployment rates amongst graduates in Malaysia.DiscussionThe unemployment level differs along with the financial condition of the nation andother potential market forces. This mostly occurs due to the mismatch of the skilled laboursin the market and any kind of structural changes can influence this level (Cheong et al.,2016). Unemployment can also be caused due to any downturn in the economy. Thesignificant reasons for higher unemployment rates are discussed below:Most companies now prefer employing people who have significant years ofexperiences than the fresh graduates. As the university syllabus does not provide them any
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