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The Strengths and Weaknesses in Current National

Added on - 15 Mar 2020

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Task 2Q4. Analyse the strengths and weaknesses in current national and local legislations andpolicies relating to those vulnerable to abuse. [P 2.1, D1]It has been already established in the above discussion that certain group of individuals are moreprone to abuses and hence are considered to be vulnerable groups. Since these groups tend tolack the abilities to ensure complete well being by them, considerable measures have been takento ensure that their interests are safeguarded with appropriate interventions and steps (Kapp,2017). The relevant legislations have been drafted that would ensure protection of these groupssurviving in the societal systems.Taking the case of Mrs. Bridget into account it can be said that she was under potential abuses.Hence, in order to cope with situations as such, she could seek legal help. This would ensure thather interests are protected in a proper manner.Varied laws and policies have been drafted in order to dress the issues as such. Among themany, it can be said that Safeguarding Vulnerable Group Act 2006 is one of the most significantlaw which were drafted in order to mitigate the existing chances of issues prevalent in the society(McLaughlinet al.2014). In accordance with the legislation, every society is required to possessindependent safeguarding authority the basic purpose will be to protect the children, elderly orother vulnerable group from any sort of socially humiliating or abusive incident (Glasby andDickinson, 2014). The abuses from the service providers or carers or any other individualassociated with the vulnerable person can be addressed properly with the help of this act. It canbe said that Mrs. Bridget can take assistance from her care worker to ensure that the safeguardingauthority is able to understand the present condition and provide her with appropriate monitoringto ensure that her current abusive condition is mitigated properly.Another relevant act which can be taken into consideration to eliminate the abuse of vulnerablegroups is the Health Care Act, 2014 (Beingessneret al.2017). In accordance with the mentionedact it has been stated that every person hold the privilege to attain proper healthcare services.Mrs. Bridget can turn to take legal assistance taking into consideration citing of the mentioned
act. Thus, it can be proved that she was denied standard and more effective health services due tothe involvement of Mr. Y. It can be effective in ensuring that the services that she is entitled toare not restricted due to the unwanted intervention of the other parties (Dimond, 2016). Thus,with better eligibility to attain standard support, her health condition can improve gradually.Likewise, there are other laws like that of the Sexual Offense act 2003, which is helpful inensuring that these individuals exposed to potential abuse are protected from any kind of sexualharassment.Q5. Explain how a range of professionals are involved in the protection of individuals andgroups vulnerable to abuse. [P2.2, M2]In order to safeguard the interest of the vulnerable individuals, it is the key responsibility of thehealthcare professionals to provide standard services in healthcare setting in a proper manner. Itis important that considerable risk assessments are done from their part to identify the existingissues that may have the potential to cause physical or mental harm to the individuals. By takingthe mentioned case study into consideration it can be seen that the care provider is the one whodid the assessment in regards with Mrs. Bridget’s conditions. On the basis of the observations,the situation she was facing was determined (Manthorpeetal.2015). Thus, standard steps can befurther taken to resolve the existing situation in favour of the best interest for her. The variedprofessionals require performing certain activities in order to eliminate the existing issues in aproper manner.Doctors: It is important that the doctors take certain responsibilities in order to ensure the wellbeing of the service seekers. Comprehending, acknowledging and meeting the needs andrequirements of the service users is a compulsion. When it comes to vulnerable group, itbecomes all the way more important to ensure that along with the specialised skills, sympatheticapproaches are maintained (Danielet al. 2015). While providing treatment for physical orpsychological issues, it is important that understanding the factors which may cause future issuesare important as well.Care providers: It is important to establish a standard relationship with the care seekers like thatof Mrs. Bridget. In order to ensure that proper services are being provided, the personalpreferences are needed to be understood (McLaughlinetal.2014). Additionally, with better and
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