Stress Management Techniques Assignment

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Management gave me following given solutions for minimizing stressful situation-To do exercise on regular basis so that this type of problems can behandled easily and effectively because with the help of this activity mindand body will become sharp. To take healthy food in-spite of taking junk food like fruits, grains etc.whenever this situation arises.They also said that I should avoid drugs and any other addicted things sothat proper relax can be taken by me. In order to recover myself from this stressful situation, I need to take fullsleep that means 6 to 8 hours in a day. They advised me to talk with colleagues because it is said that by sharingtheir problems, stress level is reduced.Own development has been influenced by management approachesConclusionIt can be said that manpower is very importantresources for the success of company so it isnecessary that they should be managed inproper manner so that desired outcome can beobtained effectively and efficientlyTo maintain better relationship at workplace isa difficult task because everyone has different personalities and way of working. Because of this problem, it is necessary that there should be maintained an effective team.Should always say thank you or sorry.Managers or supervisors shouldevaluate the performance ofemployees so that corrective actioncan be taken for improving theirwork. Workforce should be aware about allprescribed rules and regulations ofcompany.Ways for maintaining relationshipThe Great Man theory: It centers on two main assumptions:Great leaders are born possessing certain traits that enable them to rise and lead.Great leaders can arise when the need for them is great.Trait theory: It is an approach which studies the human personality. Trait theories describes about the qualities ofthe leader in form of assertiveness, dependability, persistence, adaptability which helps the leader to lead.Functional theory: Functional theory describes society as a complex system whose parts work together to promotesolidarity and stability. This system is composed of various social institutions as religion, the family, economicTheories of leadership in health and social care organizationLeader is very important personin today competitiveenvironment who hasresponsibility to providedirection or guidance to thesubordinates so that they canperform their job as perspecified standards by whichorganization becomes able toobtain competitive advantagesover its rivals. In order toIntroductionManaging Human Resources(Understand approaches for managing people in health and social care sector)

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