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Running Head: Stress managementStress Management
Stress ManagementManage stress at the workStress is considered as a feeling of pressure. Workplace stress gives negative impact on thephysical and emotional responses that can occur due to the conflict between the job demands ofthe employees. It is also normal and a constant part of everyday life. The stress can arise due tohigh workload, lack of social support, unclear performance expectations in the workplace. It isessential that the stress should be managed in an effective manner so that the employees canconduct their day to day operation in an efficient manner. The following are the points thatshould be taken into consideration to manage stress (Aldwin & Levenson, 2013).Create boundariesIn the recent scenario, it can create pressure to be available 24 hours. So in this case, the work-life boundaries should be a. The rule should be made to check the email from home in theevening and also not to answer the call at the time of dinner. People have different perceptionswhen the work life and home are taken into consideration. The clear boundaries should be madeso that the stress can be managed (Jaremko & Meichenbaum, 2013).TrainingEmployee's performance can give a contribution to the workplace stress. It is analyzed that if theemployees are not working in an effective manner and are under the pressure of work, thenproper training should be given. The employer should give training services to assist employeesin enhancing the knowledge of the chosen field. Training enhances knowledge and workingpattern of the employees. If the employee is suffering from work stress, then it very importantaspect that should be taken into consideration. Training supports the employees and also helps towork in an efficient manner (de Vibe,et. al.,2013).Improve communicationEffective communication can enhance the teamwork, problem-solving and also the decisionmaking. It is essential for the employers to create clear channels of communication with theemployees. If clear communication is made between the employer and employees of theorganization and also the problems are listened in an effective manner, then it can reduceworkplace stress and also the feeling of isolation (Folkman, 2013).It is not only sufficient tohear the problem that is raised by the employee but also it is the responsibility of the employer to
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