State Level Law Enforcement Assignment

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StructuresThe Law enforcement at the State level consists of the State Police, county sheriff and Municipalpolice departments. State Police includes Regional commanders, highway patrol and stateinvestigative agencies. The Sheriff’s office includes designated agencies for court related,criminal justice, patrol and investigation matters, effectively supervised by the offices of sheriff’spolice, deputy sheriff and Sheriff’s deputy in the order of seniority.[ CITATION LEd05 \l 1033 ]TheMunicipal Police enforces majority of the law enforcement activities consisting of metropolitandepartments having jurisdiction over different communities and municipalities, assisted by thesworn police officers, sergeants etc.DutiesThe state police are in-charge of enforcing the state laws apart from routine patrol and trafficregulations. Other duties include investigating major crimes, organized criminal activities as wellas running various units for drug trafficking, juvenile law enforcement, crime laboratories etc.The duties of the office of the Sheriff is threefold-Law enforcement to the countyMaintaining the county jail and receiving of prisoners in various stages of criminal justiceprocessProviding personnel to serve court bailiffs, transport defendants and prisoners and to actin civil matters such as delivering subpoena and enforcing court ordered lien, evictionnotice etc[ CITATION Sam13 \l 1033 ]The Municipal Police on the other hand is responsible for maintaining proper law and order atgrass root level and dealing with crimes and disturbances in the jurisdiction.Differences in the roles relating to Law enforcementLaw enforcement by Municipal Police typically helps in resolving various jurisdictional issues.The Sheriff’s office on the other hand exists in the Metropolitan areas whereas; the State Policeis operated mainly through the state wide government agencies that are assign duties to them.[ CITATION hie13 \l 1033 ]Study of Multomah Countyand its police DepartmentMultnomah County of Oregon State has a total population of 766,135. About 83.6% at White andthe rest of the population includes Asian, African American, and Native Americans etc. Theprincipal industries are manufacturing, tourism, transportation, retail trade[ CITATION Mat14 \l1033 ]etc.Police department -size, demographics of officers, technologyA total of 940 officers serve the Oregon State Police Department. This constitutes 87% of Whiteand 13% of Minority officers.[ CITATION Min16 \l 1033 ]The Police have adopted advanced technology towards better administration. Every PoliceBureau member is given an email address. Features such as Central Precinct Street Crimes Unitthat conducts live enforcement missions, Rapid Response Team to respond to crowd control areunique in the state.Services or functions
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