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Analyse Personal Employability

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Student 1Identify and analyse personal employability competencies relevant to career of choiceCommercial awareness- by my knowledge, commercial awareness is the information in which a graduate has gathered about a business before an interview either face to face or over the phone. When employers ask about commercial awareness, they are testing the interviewee’s knowledge of thebusiness. From the amount of employees to financial reports, which can easily be found online as it, is public information. Employers base their decision of employing a graduate based of their commercial awareness of their business. In 2009, 35% of employers were disappointed with graduate’s awareness of their business (Commercial awareness and motivation-based interviews, no date). Identify- within Public Relations, commercial awareness is important and it tends to impact on employers. Generally speaking, employers expect graduates to have an understanding of their business, products or service, an understanding of the marketplace and competitors. Having this knowledge as a Public relations firm may or may not guarantee a graduate position with recruiters but it may have a positive impact on the employers as they may specifically remember the individual with information about the PR firm. Evaluate- commercial awareness is a way in which businesses and recruitment teams test their graduates. A way to phrase your knowledge in an application could be, “I have noticed a few works in which you have recently partaken where the clients were very pleased with the campaign and how you dealt with the public.” Public relations is mainly about the business, it’s clients and how they engage with their target audience so involving their clients and audience will show a grate knowledge of the business who they are and what their main target audiences are. Communication-Grimsley defines communication as “sending and receiving information between two or more people (Grimsley)As a graduate, you must have good communication skills in which all employers expect from all their employees. This is to ensure there will be good communication both oral and written between clients and the general public. To a graduate recruiter, having communicationskills shows the graduate will have good communication skills as well as phase good and important questions when it comes to Identify- within Public relations, communication is a skill, which is expected as well as gained and developed over time. Communication can require written as well as oral. PR firms expect employees to have an idea of face-to-face, email and telephone commination, as it is very important with the work place to be able to successfully communicate with colleagues, clients and the general public. A way in which communication can be developed and improved to impress Public Relations graduate recruiters is to make sure to practice on both verbal and written as well as get help from others to improve and enhance on it. Practice makes you perfect. Evaluate- communication is an effective way in which two or more people can send and receive messages PR firms goals are to have a good relationship with their clients as well as their targeted audiences thereby communication is one of the most important tools in which a graduate must have and is willing to develop on. When apply for a graduate job in PR, you must show your level of communication in which employers highly seek. When on an interview, employers seek confidence, smile and eye contact, which shows how professional the graduate can be. Creativity- the oxford dictionary creativity is a way in which an individual or group of uses their imagination to create ideas something new and exciting. Others sees creativity as a “desirable ‘something’ that can be beneficial to organizations (Candy and Bilda, 2009)Public relations firms’ demands creativity as a skill as it will be needed in the work place. Example being, PR firms want new and creative ideas to communicate with their clients as well as their target audience.
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