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Student Case Study 7- Challenge:-Consider, you are appointed as the Senior Project Manager of e-Commerce of Walmart.-Your immediate responsibility as the Senior Project Manager of eCommerce of Walmart is tomanage an expanded version of the e-Commerce Walmart Web site with increased newtechnologies (e.g., disruptive technologies), in order to generate increased revenue from high-income millennial consumers who are increasingly navigating to the site.- Your task is to present to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Walmart the highlights of themore established Laudon and Laudon methods cited in Chapter 13: Building InformationSystems and Chapter 14: Managing Projects, citing exact relevant tables in Chapter 13 and 14 indetail, by which you will be managing the development of the new version of the Walmart Website- 30% of Grade; but- Your task will be complicated by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who will be demandingless established and faster and more innovative methods (e.g., electronic prototyping orextreme programming), in order to have the new version of the Walmart Web site sooner thanthrough the more established Laudon and Laudon methods, meaning your task is to alsopresent more innovative methods to placate the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) - 30% of Grade,including your plans to integrate your inter-personal (i.e. political) skills, in order to placate theChief Marketing Officer (CMO) -20% of Grade; and-Your final task is to present measurement methods by which you will be monitoring thedevelopment of the new version of the Web site, referencing Laudon and Laudon as needed inyour presentation- 20% of Grade.Please note that Study 7 is graded 20% of your Final Grade- Minimum Number of Pages:5- Minimum Number of References (Excluding Laudon and Laudon):5
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