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INTRODUCTION Glastonbury Festival is a five-day festival which takes place near Pilton (Somerset). At summermost of the peoples visited in Glastonbury festivals which are from different- different countrieslike - USA and EUROPE. One most important part of Glastonbury Festival is Contemporaryperforming the last years it achieved the largest growth from a small music festival.Almost in every year number of attendees of Glastonbury festival are increased. The firstGlastonbury festival was organized in a village of Pilton, which situated in the UK. Michael andJean Eavis held first Glastonbury festival. This festival took place on the biggest level in whichmore than 1000 activities arranged on different 17 stages( Jamison.2014).It organized in the midof June at the same farm. In this event volunteering, placements have a critical juncture. It makesstaffing for the UK as it based upon use of unpaid workforce. Glastonbury event workscollaboratively with Oxfam, which considered as the largest recruiter, and event helper. It occursdifferent events like- hosts dance, circus, and comedy. In Glastonbury festivals, there are somemembers of media for showing its coverage on various channels, which will ultimately enhancetheir popularity and also the number of attendees of this festival.TASK 1:- (1)As everyone wants a healthy and suitable environment where people can work without anyconflicts. In this regarding the question is arises who will make this possible? Only volunteerscan. Volunteers are very necessary for creating a healthy environment volunteers are devotingtheir precious time and efforts in every day or night (Reynolds, 2013). Proper utilization of
community resources can be done only with the help of volunteers. Most of the peoples thinkthat volunteers are only as helpers, who spent their most of the time on their smartphones, andorganize files (Devito,2016). Volunteers play a major role like:- 1.Handling day to day tasks2.Raising funds3.Taking other financial decisions4.Controlling all the functions of the organization.In the absence of volunteers, some organizations cannot exist .but; the most important thing isthat all boards and committees consist of volunteers. All larger business organizations like -Salvation Army or An American Red Cross, have continuously survived more than 90 yearsbecause of including a large part of their workforce is volunteers. As the business firm isgrowing day by day and hire paid staff, yet they depend mostly on volunteers to perform all theirnecessary task. Volunteers have very talent in which most of them experienced professionals,medical doctors, financial planners or engineers. In 1999, in the US more than 9.0 millionvolunteers were full-time employees working in different organizations. Due to changing aneconomy, more emphasis is placed on hiring volunteers. An independent sector of US states thatmore than 50 to 60 % likely to be a volunteer rather than be a high school graduate. All thisincrease demand volunteers in many of the new professionalism organizations. Thus, at today inmany of the volunteer corporations consists of young and dynamic professionals, retired workersand management personnel. Volunteers are now working at different organizations as theirleading role. So, we can say that volunteers in the US preferred more because of having theirmore benefits.

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