Pop Culture For Social Change


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Student Last Name 1Student NameInstructor NameCourse TitleAssignment TitleDateThe Role of Pop Culture (Social media) in Social ChangeMedia is having the power of impacting the people of different ages, genders, and stereotypes.There are many ways in which the media can influence people. In this context, social mediaplays an indispensable role. The social media penetrates into our society and shape the way ofour thinking by creating new norms. All across the globe, the presence of media is seeneverywhere. Every day, every person is exposed to some sort of media. According to StevenJohnson, a writer who center on culture, technology and computer wrote an article titled“Games”. In this article, he explains that young children are spending too much time on playingvideo games in spite of reading books and expanding their knowledge (Slyke, Tracy. "PopCulture For Social Change".Lightbox Collaborative, 2018). This is all due to the effect of popculture in which under the influence of mass media bring social and cultural changes in society.In this context social media in connection with pop culture influence the lives of children’s andadolescents in western countries.Social media affect both men and boys but on the deeper side, it is seen that it affects mainlyyoung girls and woman. The main effects that have been seen in terms of pop culture towards ayoung girl are the pressure to look perfect in terms of right clothing and in terms of seeingattractive. This unrealistic representation of look attractive has devastating effects on the womenin our culture.

Student Last Name 2According to the UCLA middle, east History Professor James Gelvin in his book Arab Uprisings: What Everyone needs to know (pp. 87-116) states that Arab Spring is the democratic dominoeffect that expected to spread its seeds across MENA after the elections in Iraq in the year 2005.The term is seen as the popular one in the Arab world in March 2005 by various mediacommentators by suggesting that the spin-off benefit the invasion of Iraq by flowering the Arabdemocracies. In this time the electoral reforms across MENA have been conducted whichmarked female enfranchisement in Kuwait and Mubarak hold the promise of conducting freepresidential elections.In terms of target, women are seen as the main target for pop culture and media influence. Theyare seen as the one who is willing to accept the trends whether it is seen as appropriate orinappropriate one (Alfred Ironside. "Report: How Pop Culture Works For Social Change".FordFoundation, 2018). Along with the internet, another way of consuming media message is seen ontelevision. Some controversial shows have got the bad reputation for the message it sends s tochildren and adults are the MTV's "Teen Mom" and the "16 and Pregnant". In the context ofthese controversial serials, some believe that these shows reveal the more glamorous side of theissue and fear of young teenagers and adults who are going in the depth of these issues. The media target young girls by using flawless women that are having perfect skin, figure andcomplexion. After seeing it girls' self-esteem go down when they realize that they are not thesame (Brown,2018). This lower self-esteem leads to media violence as after seeing thesebeautiful models little girls are becoming weight conscious and approximately 80 percent of theyoung girls go on diet. Also in the magazine Teen People, there was a poll in which it is reportedthat 27 percent of the teen girls are facing pressure to look like the girls who are seen in

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