The Case of Torture: Case Study

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Analysing Michael Levin’s “The Case of Torture”
In the article written by Michael Levin, “The Case of Torture”, the author aims at
justifying method of torture as a punishment(Luban & Shue, 2011, pp 80).The current analysis
provides an argumentative judgment to using torture against not using torture. The author takes
into consideration for views in his article by considering terrorists activities done which harms
innocent individuals tremendously. The essay argues in favor off and against torture as a form of
Augmenting for torture as a form of punishment
In the article, the author argues torture as a means of saving lives and to be the only
method for resolving. The case of torture can be seen where terrorists claims many lives and lots
of money(Greenman, 2011, pp 240). This creates an ambience of fear and threat for ordinary
humans to live. Whereas when a terrorists is caught, he either suicides or does not face much
charges. He is given daily living space with food and other amenities such that he can stay alive.
Amongst poorer people especially in third world Islamic country, terrorism I seen as a method of
livelihood, as in their country they barely get food to eat. This point of view can be easily
supported when evaluating the atmosphere of threat that they creates is seen. While so many
lives and livelihoods are lost, a terrorist is no way deterred. In fact, lack of punishment such as
torture attracts other terrorists to join the campaign and conduct similar activities. A terrorist
exploits feeling of people, where they feel that they can create a pressure by inflicting pain. They
can easily gain control over a situation by the fear and ambience that they create. Apart from the
direct consequences, there is impact on lives of so many other people who might have been in
such a situation. The psychological consequences of terrorism are tremendous and cannot be
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underestimated. As the author goes onto evaluate the consequences where he asks if one could
sleep peacefully at night, knowing regarding a bomb blast or where a terrorists tortured while
defusing a bomb. In another example he evaluated the case where he suggested that a terrorists
needs to be tortured for disarming a bomb that he has placed. People, who had been in a
terrorism situation had to undergo psychological treatment and counseling, post their experiences
from such activity(Greer, 2015, pp16). The author establishes in his article torture is a way to
prevent any such future evils from taking place. His explanations include ways that rights of
general public are necessary and such rights needs protection from the terrorists. Terrorism to
kill has currently become idealism or killing for profit. However, the article has several fallacies
as well and distracts readers from the article’s academic understanding. The article’s analysis of
fear strategy is excellent and genius, which reflects more serious impacts that terrorism, creates.
Augmenting against torture as a form of punishment
The argument presented by the author can be justified in certain ways, however Western
democracies has not yet selected to do so (Von Sternberg, 2014, pp. 30). Most democracies
especially the Western ones provide opportunity for the criminal to change his ways of thinking.
They provide rehabilitation opportunity for the terrorists to change their patter of thinking and
life style. Such democracies are built on the underlying belief that every person has right to live
freely and where torture is seen to be a form of brutality. Torture is visualized to be a form of
hatred that would further inflict negativity in the society. Democracies do not see pain as a
means of preserving order and views every human being to be equal, having equal rights.
Therefore, this article can be heavily criticized and said that torture cannot be granted as a form
of punishment. Once torture is granted as a form of punishment, then brutality might set into the
society impacting law and order condition. The impact from torture is not only physical but also
psychological in nature and can be evaluated similar to terrorism. Therefore, if a government
legalizes torture it can go by saying that terrorism can also be legalized. Infliction of physical
torture might have limited period impact, whereas psychological torture can have greater impact.
Psychological form of torture can change the mind and thinking style of a person. Therefore,
augmenting against the article it can be said that torture should not be promoted as a form of
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