Student name:. 12 November, 2016. network security assi

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Student name:12 November, 2016NETWORK SECURITYASSIGNMENT
Q1. This homework problem requires you to design a firewall decision diagram for a firewall thatprotects a private network. In this private network, there is only one server that serves as both anemail server and a DNS server. The IP address of this server is This network currentlyhas 49 computers other than the server. The IP addresses used by these 49 computers range from192.168.0.2 to The firewall has two interfaces: interface 0 which connects the firewallto the outside Internet, and interface 1 which connects the firewall to the private network. Thefunction of this firewall is as follows:A.The 10 computers, whose IP addresses range from to, are notallowed to be accessed from the outside Internet.B.The server only accepts TCP packets or UDP packets. The value of the protocol type field ofany TCP packet is 6, and the value of the protocol type field of any UDP packet is 17.C.The server is dedicated only to email services and DNS services. The email protocols used bythe email services include SMTP (which uses TCP port number 25), POP2 (which uses TCP portnumber 109), and POP3 (which uses TCP port number 110). To efficiently process multipleconnection requests, the email server uses TCP port redirection. The port numbers used in portredirection range from 10000 to 30000. The DNS service uses UDP port number 1949. The traffic tothe server that does not belong to any of the above two services is discarded.D.The computers, whose IP addresses range from to, are notallowed to run any of the services that are run by the server, but they are allowed to run any otherservices.Answer:Q2. We need to isolate the CS department network from the rest of the campus network. Some ofthe reasons are to improve the performance of both parts of the network as well as improve thesecurity of within our CS network. We have discussed the possibility of setting up a firewall / proxyserver to facilitate this separation of the network.A.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a firewall and / or proxy server.Answer:The advantages are:1.Log maintenance of the users who are using the web.
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