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Student NameStudent ID1Grocery Store – System AnalysisSubmitted ByCourseProfessorDate
Student NameStudent ID2IntroductionAccording to given scenario, we have to develop an application for grocery store. Mainprocesses which are involved in running a grocery store are – inventory, customer orders,supplier orders etc. The system developed for grocery store will help to maintain the inventory,customer needs, keep pricing accurate as it was difficult to maintain manually. The system willhelp to maintain customers satisfaction at the top. Here, in this report, we have to prepare usecases, ERD and implement database for the store in order to remove redundancy of data andprocess data efficiently.Use CasesAccording to above diagram, user scans the products and make the order by checking out. Thenafter check out, the payment will be processed by counting number of items and calculating priceaccordingly.
Student NameStudent ID3Adding new product into the system – When a new product enters into the store, a bar code isgenerated for each product so that bar code reader can easily scan the item. All the details of newproduct will be entered into the system by entering its cost price and price on which this productwill be sold.Update Product Details – In this scenario, user go to the option of update product details. Userscans product’s barcode and all the details of the product will be displayed on the screen. Nowuser can update any of its details and save the information.

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