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Faculty of Health and Wellbeing | Assignment

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Faculty of Health and WellbeingAssignmentFeedback SheetProgramme: BSc (Hons) Nursing StudiesLevel 6Module Title:Evaluating Evidence for PracticeAssessment:Please delete as appropriateFIRST ATTEMPT/ IMR/ REFER ATTEMPTPlease delete as appropriateField of practice: ADULT MENTAL HEALTH CHILDTurn it in checked: Yes/NoMarker:Markers Feedback: : add 6 bullet points to the boxes below which identify specific strengths and areas for improvement, including feedforwardLearning outcome 1.Conduct a literature search on a topic of interest,using a valid and replicable framework and identifyone key paper.Learning outcome 2.Critically appraise the selected research paper(including research methods, findings and ethicalissues).Learning outcome 3.Critically explore the relevance and impact of theappraised research paper with other literature in thefield and propose recommendations for practiceLearning outcome 4.Present research reviews using accepted academicconventionsStudent Name:Student Number:Mark Awarded:(Subject to ratification by theassessment board)
Additional Feedforward informationTo help you improve your performance in future work, you are advised to:[Please highlight applicable feedback]Develop your writing skillsThere are some useful on-line resourcesto help with writing skills on the 'Skills forlearning' site.Click on the 'Learning Essentials' tab orfollow this link link also identifies workshopsavailable you can attend to helpIncrease critical analysis in yourworkAvoid stating things as facts withoutevidence .Use literature not just to'back up' ideas but to explore differentperspectivesEvaluate the literature you have readrather than just describing it.There are some useful on-lineresources to help with writing skills onthe 'Skills for learning' site. Click on the'Learning Essentials' tab or follow thislink. link also identifies workshopsavailable you can attend to helpRead more widelyBegin any assignment by browsingthrough the literature before itbecomes urgentImprove your searching strategies byClick on the 'Learning Essentials' tabor follow this link at 'Finding information' sectionUse good quality sources ofinformation to support your workSearch engines such as google are notadequate for academic writing Note thatNHS choices are not sufficient sourcesfor academic work You need to usegood quality information from goodquality sources such as academicjournals, government documents, orfrom recognised and respectedorganisationsImprove your searching strategies byClick on the 'Learning Essentials' tab orfollow this link at 'Finding information' sectionPay particular attention to spelling/punctuation/ sentence & paragraphconstruction/ expressionThis can affect the meaning of what iswritten. Effective written communicationis an essential skill in nursingCarefully proof read work beforesubmissionCheck that you have written what youmeant to write .Reading it aloud willoften identify errors which you did notnotice when reading it silentlyAgain, lack of attention to detail canaffect the meaning of what is written.Effective written communication is anessential skill in nursing.Follow SHU referencing guidelinesThere is no shortcut to learning howto do this. You need to refer to thisguide for all work your work reflects theassessment brief and modulelearning outcomesReview your assessment guidelineswithin the module site.Ensure you attend sessions thatprepare you for your assessmentsLook at FAQs in assessment guidance
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