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Student NameUCAS Personal ID numberWord Count(actual number ofwords in main body of text)ProgrammePG Diploma NursingAdultChildMental HealthAssessment TitleRPL Challenge EssayDate of submissionNature of submissionPlease tickFirst submissionResubmissionYellow stickerfor a Student who has been diagnosed as having a Specific Learning Difficulty. Pleasemake sympathetic allowances for spelling and written expression when marking this assessment.Word count declarationI certify that the word count declared is correct.Plagiarism declarationI certify that the coursework that I have submitted is my own unaided work and that I have read andcomplied with the guidelines on plagiarism as set out in the student programme handbook. Iunderstand that the University may make use of plagiarism detection software (Turnitin) and that mywork may therefore be stored on a database which is accessible to other users of the samesoftware.Students should be aware that, where plagiarism is suspected this might result in a fail markbeing awarded.Student’ssignature............................................................................................................................If submitting electronically please check here in lieu of signatureDate
FEEDBACK AND RESULT FORMFeedback is provided in relation to the assessment criteriaThe ‘comment’ box on the right identifies pass /fail against the specific criteriaRPLPG Diploma Nursing S18 All FieldsAssessment TitleRPL Challenge EssayDateStudent NameUCAS Personal ID numberMarking CriteriaPass / FailPART 1 -1000-1500 words:Discusses the communication strategies used in themedia clip-Identify the communication strategies seen in the mediaclip-Use relevant literature to discuss the strategies e.g. type ofstrategy and how it is usedDiscuss the importance of communication skills indeveloping professional relationships with serviceusers, carers and colleagues-Use relevant literature to comment on how communicationskills contribute to professional relationshipPART 2 - 1000-1500 words:Discuss the definitions and determinants of healthIdentify and discuss the key issues with reference to socialdivisions; economic disparity; the environment andindividual psychological factorsDiscuss how these can impact on healthIdentify examples from own experience (not necessarilyclinical practice) to support discussionsAspects for comment and not pass or fail:Demonstrate logical and coherent development in your work.It must be clearly presentedYou will have:Page |2
Structured your essay in a logical manner including anintroduction and summary or conclusionDemonstrated a coherent line of discussionUsed the recommended City University citation practicethroughout the essayhttp://www.citethisforme.com/Overall commentFINAL MARKPass/ FailMarker’s Name:Marker’s Signature:Date:Page |3
IntroductionThis essay is segregated into two parts that analyses separate topics. In the first essay acommunication media clip of Meg Ryan interview with Parkinson was observed and relevantinsights were drawn on communication strategies used. Further important communication skillsfor the purpose of developing professional relationship with colleagues, users and careers werediscussed.In the second part of the essay concerns discussions related to determinants of health. Italso analyses issues in relation to economic disparity, social divisions, individual psychologicalattributes and environments impact on health. Self-experience based examples are included forsupporting this discussion. In the end conclusion related to both the topics is drawn.Part 1: Communication StrategiesCommunication Strategies used in media clip:Communication forms an integral part ofprofessional life. In the media clip Megan Ryan was interviewed by Parkinson using verbalcommunication. Communication strategies exchanges information between receiver and senderas it forms the blueprint for techniques in which information is exchanged. Hemsley, Balandinand Worrall (2012) identifies communication strategies can be nonverbal, verbal or visual innature[ CITATION Hem12 \l 1033 ]. Verbal communication can be part of written as well as oralcommunications. Nonverbal makes use of body language for the purpose of exchanginginformation. On the other hand visual communicationtransfers information visually. In this casecommunication strategy used is verbal in nature. Bartels, Peters, de Jong, Pruyn, and van derMolen (2010) analyses oral communication with use of some aspects of body language or non-verbal communication is used for this purpose[ CITATION Bar107 \l 1033 ]. Parkinson’s was posingsituation or questions to Meg Ryan and Meg Ryan was answering the questions on the basis ofquestions posed in the interview session. Effective communication strategies used ensures that abarrier faced in communication is overcome. The communication strategy used was highlyeffective as one was taking at a time, while the interviewer posed question Meg Ryan kept quiet4|P a g e
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