(PDF) Wealth Inequality in the United States

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Student Number:707997XSchool Number:828707997X-2BUE20-AT3-Issuestudy-finalAT3:Issue StudyAn issue investigation onThe Rise Of Wealth Inequality InAmericaStudent Number:707997XSchool Number:828Date:10th NovemberWord Count:1564 words1
Student Number:707997XSchool Number:828Table Of Contents1. Table of contents<pg.2>2. Introduction<pg.3>3. Methodology<pg.3>4.Analysis, Synthesis,Evaluation<pg.4>a. Before the Issue<pg.4>b. Early stage of the issue<pg.4>5. Main part in the issue<pg.5 to pg.6>a. Latest Information<pg.6>b. Recommendations<pg.6>6. Appendice<pg.7>7. References<pg.8 to pg.9>2
Student Number:707997XSchool Number:828IntroductionThe Wealth Inequality issue has been taking place on a global scale with many dramatic changes atan extremely high-speed. This issue involves all governments, enterprises, and households all overthe world. The imbalance in wealth disparities is heavily impacting the economy in many developedcountries around the world, causing many problems such as poverty, war or even collapse.America shows the most inequality in wealth, due to the increase of the wealth gap, households andbusinesses sector are heavily affected. Wealth inequality has caused a lot of uncertainty forbusinesses in America. For example, with a large proportion of the poor population, it drives upconsumption more so than rich people. As a result, the consumption rate is starting to drop. Thisindicates a low-rate of consumers for America businesses in the future.Considering the rise of wealth inequality in America, the household sector has the most affection, thegap between wealthy people and poor people is spreading dramatically. To prevent this issue, manybusinesses have done public policy to improve the population quality of life which aiding the wealthinequality issue without slowing U.S. economic growth. However, this solution is ineffective andrequires more involvement from the stakeholders to improve the efficiency of preventing wealthinequality.MethodologyAs a form of “Primary Research”, interviewed with people at different levels of salary and knowledgeabout the imbalance in the economy gave extremely useful information for my issue study as I couldcollect different people's perspectives to give an overview of their attitudes towards the imbalance inthe economy. For “Secondary Research”, I have looked at much economic news, blogs, economicBooks, journals of the professional businessman, and websites. Economic News and Books help meto understand more about the topic I chose (the definition, affections,...). Journals and Blogs are fromprofessors who have a high-knowledge about economics, it helps me to understand the topic throughtheir perspectives of the American economy. Websites help me to update the trends of my topic, howthe issue began, how has it developed and the latest news of the issue.3
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