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Diploma in Information Technology | Assignment

Added on - 13 Sep 2019

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PORTFOLIO REFERENCE:STUDENT’S NAME:PROGRAMMEEdexcel Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Information TechnologyUNIT NUMBER AND TITLE:Unit 10 – Database DevelopmentASSIGNMENT No. AND TITLEAssignment 1 – How and why databases are used?ISSUE DATE:2017SUBMISSION DATE:2017DEADLINE MET:YESNORESUBMISSION DATE:2017ACCEPTED:YESNOI confirm that in compliance with the College Plagiarism Policy, all work produced is myown and all source material has been referenced. (If you choose to use any informationor diagrams taken from the Internet or redrawn from text books, you must reference thiswork and list your sources, giving a full URL for websites.)Student signature: ............................................. Date: ..........................................PRE-CHECKED BY:(sign & date)ASSESSED BY:Ashfaq Ahmed(sign & date)INTERNALLY VERIFIED BY:(sign & date)PERFORMANCEEVIDENCE:(tick if achieved)P1P4P5P4P5P6M1M2M3M4M5D1D2D3D4Functional Skills L2SkillEvidenceEnglishMathematics
Unit 4 - Impact of use of IT on business systemsAssignment 1 - ScenarioYou work for a local health authority and have been asked to develop simple informationmanagement systems for doctors’ surgeries to use in the area. Before you design a databasesolution, you want to prepare a demonstration to show how databases are currently used intwo different ways by organisations.Task 1 (P1, M1)a)In a report,write a short description of the use and features of databases in two differentorganisations.(P1)b)Explain how the tools/techniques of each database could improve productivity, accuracyand usability.(M1)Task 2 (D1)In a new section within the report, look at each database in more detail and consider the strengths andweaknesses of each. Discuss at least one strength and one weakness for each database(D1)EvidenceTask 1, 2 and 3 - ReportLearning aim ALearners will investigate databases by describing the main uses of databases, as wellas the purpose of the tool/techniques they include.For 2A.P1: learners should explain the uses of databases and how the tools/techniques areused in two given databases, e.g. an appointment system for a doctor’s surgery that storesrecords of patients, appointments and medical history, with the intention of using features suchas reports to identify the numbers of cancelled appointments in any given month. The twodatabases should be designed for different purposes.For 2A.M1:learners should explain how the tools/techniques of the databases could improveproductivity, accuracy and usability, e.g. sending an automated mail shot to every patient inthe database using their address details, explaining important news about the surgery.For 2A.D1:learners should look at the databases in more detail and consider the strengthsand weaknesses of the product. They should discuss at least one strength and one weakness.1
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