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Study On Alfa Laval - HRM & Recruiting Process

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Added on  2020-02-05

Study On Alfa Laval - HRM & Recruiting Process

   Added on 2020-02-05

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Study On Alfa Laval - HRM & Recruiting Process_2
IntroductionIt is hereby specified that Alfa Laval has been selected as the organisation for thepurposes of our study.Alfa Laval is Swedish based concern dealing in the industry of Manufacturing andEngineering Services headquartered in Lund, Sweden. It was founded in the year 1883 nearly134 years back currently operating worldwide in more than 40 countries with more than 100subsidiaries across the globe including the emerging markets along with Tom Erixon as ChiefExecutive Officer of the entity.Alfa Laval trades in the industry of manufacturing and engineering services. It producesvarious maritime equipment like heat exchangers, pumps, distillers, pumps, valves, filters andvarious equipment of the ship room. It provides employment to more than 18000 people and hasan average revenue over and above $ 4,500. In the UK, it is known as Alfa Laval Ltd. with its registered Head Office at Camberley,Surrey. In UK, the company deals mainly in the four areas namely Fluid Handling, HeatTransfer, Separation and Process Solutions. In Uk, it has more than 50 Channel Partners andover 20 branches all over the country. It provides employment to more than 5000 employees allover the nation.Here in this presentation, the financial and overall performance of the company will bejudged based on some of the standard criteria.Assessment 1- Management of Human ResourceAn analysis of the process of documentation in recruiting new candidates and the essentials of the overall Human Resource Management.Many standard documentation procedures exist for the purposes of recruitment in a JobProfile in many of the entities. Documentation is the first and the foremost criteria for filling upof any job positions since it discloses the basic identity of the candidate applying for the JobProfile. These standard documents may include identity proof of the candidate relating to theresidential proof of address, certificates relating to the educational degrees acquired by theapplicant, certifications relating to the past work experiences of the candidate, etc. Anotherdocument needed to be checked is the letter serving as a proof for the interview call.3
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Alfa Laval also employs more than 18000 people across the globe. It follows a standardprocess of documentation in the process of filling up of a Job Position. It, first, verifies all thedocuments relating to the candidate’s identity and age. Thereby it verifies all the certifications ofeducation pursued by the employee and all the work experiences certificates. It also demandscertification relating to all types of mechanical and technical training pursued by the employee. The documentation process of the entity can be illustrated by a taking a simple job profilesuppose if an applicant wants to join the post of Electrical Engineer in the domain ofEngineering and Supply, he has to undergo the following process as mentioned herein:Certification in the form of Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from a recognised University.Proper knowledge relating to the Specification and Design Requirement of WIMES.The experience of minimum 2 years in the field relating to the BS-BN electrical equipmentControl System,Knowledge of Water treatment relating to the process of dewatering and thickening.Possessing of appropriate and accurate Behavioural Skills.Effective and Efficient communication skills.Team leading talent must be possessed by the employee. Proper technical skills.Appropriate training must be acquired by the employee in the field of electrical and mechanicalengineering.Looking at the Job Profile, there are several key elements. The candidate is required tohandle projects relating to electrical hardware and software per the time budget as set by theproject manager. He is also required to provide a lead in the process of designing of projectsrelating to electrical engineering. The candidate is also required to attend to the several trainingprogrammes related to the specific projects. He has also required gather knowledge regarding the software architecture and thecommissioning process can generate the related equipment and the motor schedules. Thecandidate is also responsible for the drafting of a clear project report to the management and theBoard (Tung, 2016, p.142). Proper and appropriate communication skills serve as a yardstick in verifying the overallattitude and outlook of a candidate regarding a Job Profile. Technical skills of an employee needto be verified to ensure appropriate completion of the deliverables. Effectiveness incommunication skills serves as an instrument to deal with the customers appropriately.4
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