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Running head: SOCIOLOGYSociologyName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
SOCIOLOGYSince the historical timesabortionhas been a controversial issue, no one can exactlypoint out when abortion was started but it has a long history since records were kept, it isimportant to study this topicto find out the real reasons behind abortion being such acontroversial issue. There are several opinions present both for as well as against the idea ofabortion. Themajor issues regarding this topicare mostly ethical, social, and religious andhealth related.This essay will discuss about the arguments, which have been made for thetopic that is abortion, and the arguments, which are against this method.Conducting thisresearchwill bring out the reasons why abortion is such a big issue in the society and why it is apart of American Culture war.Thefirst argument, which supports the concept of abortion,says that almost all theabortions are done in the in the first trimester, and during this period the embryo is attached tothe body of the mother through the umbilical cord (Altshuler et al.). The life and health of theembryo is completely dependent of the health of the mother and thus it cannot be considered as aperson or a separate individual. As the embryo is a part of the mother’s body thus abortion isjustified if the mother is willing go ahead with the process. At the same time, in case of in vitrofertilization the eggs, which are not planted and thrown away, also should be considered, asmurder is abortion is considered as murder.Thesecond argument in favour of abortionis that, it is a part of a woman’s civil rightsthat she has the right to control the changes made in her body and as the embryo is a part of herbody she should have the right to decide whether to opt for abortion or not (Love). In the casesregarding teenage pregnancy, it is even more important that the individual be allowed to makethe decision as the future prospects of the teenage mothers depend on the right to abort thepregnancy.
SOCIOLOGYThethird argument in which also supports abortionemphasizes on the cases relatedto rape or incest these situations implicates forced pregnancy. In most of such cases, the victimsare too afraid to share their concerns thus they may remain unaware of the pregnancy, in suchcases contraceptive pills are useless (Staggenborg). In the cases of rape or incest, the victims arepsychologically vulnerable and remain in shock, under such conditions if a woman is forced togo through the pregnancy then it can surely degrade her psychological condition.Thefourth point that argues in favour of abortion,says that adoption cannot beconsidered as an alternative to abortion. The choice of giving away the child depends on thewoman and thus if the pregnancy is forced upon her then she will face moral and emotionaldilemma to give away the baby and thus may face certain problems regarding raising the child.Abortion is also a safe procedure, which can be adopted by anyone who wants to terminate herpregnancy (Huang et al.).The abortions which are done through medical procedures does notpose any threat the health of the individual and there is almost no chances of facing seriouscomplications, it also does not affect the future prospects of pregnancy.Thefirst argument against abortionsays that abortion does not provide freedom to thewomen in any way. Many argue that the right to abort pregnancy is needed to create genderequality and to provide liberty to the women, but in reality instead of providing free abortionfacilities the women should be provided with other forms of support so that they cater to theneeds of their child and become independent financially as well as socially (Tatalovich). Thefacilities can include free or inexpensive childcare systems, flexibility of work and leave for thesingle mothers and other facilities.
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