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Running head: CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGYCULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGYName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY1Cultural Anthropology is a study of human beings that broadly deals with the study ofdifferent cultures of people from diverse cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. The study mainlyfocuses on the socio-cultural aspects of the human life and presents the diversity that prevailswithin each and every community of the world (Lau et al.). The following essay will discuss thecultural anthropological history of the Cambodian people against the backdrop of the KhmerRouge take-over of Cambodia.The book “Unsettled” by Eric Tang explores the relationship between refugeecommunities and Africans Americans who experienced communal and distinctive forms ofgovernmental violence that entered into the internal affairs of the cities in America (Tang). EricTang, a scholar-activist mainly highlighted the two issues that the nation is currently facing, i.e.the intercontinental refugee crisis and the rising movement against violation of police and laws inthe urban United States. The book by Eric Tang depicts the story of a Cambodian Woman RaPronh, who arrives at the city Bronx with her “unsettled” family as a refugee from the Thairefugee camps (Contreras). Tang, in order to dramatize the plot of the story, infused the pasthistorical experiences that Ra faced in her life before she became a “refugee temporality”.Throughout the book, Eric Tang strongly accused the government for bringing in suchsituations that force the people to leave their entire family, property and settlements. AlthoughTang blamed the government for such discrepancies in their governmental laws and regulations,Tang did not reveal any identity of the government and as result the readers cannot recognize theaccused governmental organizations (Clymer). The book opens with a description of the role ofthe United States in the Khmer Rouge take-over of Cambodia from the year 1975-1979. HereTang blamed the paradox of the United States as a nation who is “guilty” for enforcing the 1980Refugee Act that allowed only the entry of the Southeast Asian refugees. The writer instead of
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