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Running head: DOCUMENT DESIGN AND PRODUCTIONDocument Design and ProductionName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1DOCUMENT DESIGN AND PRODUCTIONCompany BackgroundIn an organization useful information are maintained in the database of the company andis maintained and updated timely. The process involves inputting the financial data, account ofcustomers and personal information and medical records or purchase orders into the computersystem of the company. In many cases, the information entry involves administrative duties liketyping memos, forwarding circulars and delivering mails. KMP Pty is a textile manufacturer thatemploys 500 employees. Documents of each of the departments are processed separately.Information EntryAs soon as any information enters the organization it is being processed. Previously thedata entry and management was done manually. The company now uses computer system formaintaining important data. That information that is not to be circulated to the employees aregenerally stored in the data base of the company with the help database management systemsoftware. Important documents of the organization include memos, business letters, reports,budgets, employee handouts, notices, circulars and others.StorageThe crucial information of the organization is stored in the computer systems. Databasemanagement system is the software that company uses for storage of the data. Important dat ifnot protected properly might be lost (Turner et al., 2016). Data therefore needs to be stored.Previously KMP Pty used to store important data in the files and folders.
2DOCUMENT DESIGN AND PRODUCTIONOutputSome of the information will be stored while some will be drafted in form of documentsfor distribution among the employees. Soft copies of the information will be mailed to theemployees while hard copies, the print outs of the document would be distributed to theemployees. The company allocates 5 percent of its total budget for document design andproduction (Leijten et al., 2015).Quality of document design and productionThe business letters, notices, forms, reports and budgets would be made using templates.Formal language would be used for drafting the contents of the documents.Company’s future capabilityIn future, the company is planning to expand its business in two other cities as well.Expansion of the company might require more documentation. The amount of information willalso increase. I future the company will have a separate department that will take care ofdocument design and production. As the number of employees would increase, the requirementfor circulating necessary documents will also increase. Information technology will also beadvanced in future. New technologies might be used for data storage and processing. KMP willalso require changing the technology it uses for data storage. Currently the company distributesdocuments like, memos and circulars with emails. Hard copies of notices and employee handoutsare distributed among the employees. The company is planning to improve the quality of thedocuments by setting a standard for documentation. Previously no such standards where usedand hence there were many errors in the document. The errors even caused confusion for thecustomers (Campbell, 2013).
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